15 Sewing Patterns Just for Jet-setters

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Like many people, I dream of traveling the world and being able to hop on a plane and go anywhere I want at a moment’s notice. Those are just fantasies, but some people do have the opportunity to do this. Whether it’s for work or pleasure, traveling can be a hassle. I know I’ve gotten much better at packing with every trip I take; however, you can’t prepare for everything… or can you?

There are a bunch of  helpful items, which you can learn how to sew, that can make traveling much easier. Staying organized is the biggest issue with traveling. You have to make sure that you have all your documents if you’re going out of the country as well as your money and basics like toiletries and clothing.

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From DIY tote bag patterns and makeup cases to DIY neck pillows and eReader cases, you’ll find anything you can imagine to help you travel by car, bus, or plane.

15 Sewing Patterns Just for Jet-setters

  1. Super Easy Lanyard and Key Chain Wristlet – You’ll never lose your keys again!
  2. Travel Diaper Changing Pad Pattern – Moms-on-the-go should follow this video tutorial.
  3. Travel Toothbrush Holder – Those pearly whites need to stay clean and fresh on the road.
  4. Patchwork Travel Neck Pillow – Sleep comfortably even on a plane with this handy DIY pillow.
  5. Posh Leather DIY Cord Organizer – Don’t worry about your chargers and cords getting tangled!
  6. Retro Travel Bag – You can fit everything you need for your trip in this tote bag.
  7. Storybook Needle Case – Keep track of all your needles when you’re not using them.
  8. Keep it Close Daytrip Purse – Make sure all of your money and documents don’t get stolen or lost.
  9. DIY Makeup Bag – All your makeup and toiletries in one handy place.
  10. Fashionable Travel Bag – Be a stylish yet prepared traveler with this big bag.
  11. Hanging Jewelry Holder – Don’t let your necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings get tangled together.
  12. Car Book Holder DIY – Excellent for road trips with the kids for all their entertainment needs.
  13. Totally Travel Sewing Case Tutorial – Take your sewing on the road easily.
  14. Kindle Keeper – Keep your eBooks safe in their eReader so you can read them on the plane.
  15. Stay Put Dog Car Caddy – Your four-legged best friend can go on the road with you safely.

What is something you cannot travel without?

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