Picnic Utensil Pouch Tutorial

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Hello girls! I’m Javeriya from Sew Some Stuff and today I’ll be sharing a new tutorial for a project that’s a MUST HAVE this summer. I think you already know by the title now, today I’ll be showing you how to sew a super cute and QUICK Picnic utensil pouch to keep all your spoons, knives and forks in one place. Read along if you would like to learn how to sew this cute project.




You would need to cut out the following pieces.

  • Body from main fabric= 9″x5″
  • Drawstring casing from accent fabric= 10″x2.5″
  • Drawstring from main fabric = 20″x2″


First fold the drawstring casing from the two shorter edges into two folds and press. Next, fold it into a half from the longer edge as shown below. Keep aside.



Next take the drawstring piece and fold it into a half and press to make a crease in the center. Next, bring the outer edges towards the center crease and press again. Do this for both sides. Fold again from the center and press to make one 1/4″ wide string. Also fold and press the two ends towards the inside as shown.




Take a piece of interfacing and place it on top of the template with the adhesive side up as shown below. Trace out the pattern of the spoon and knife on the adhesive side.


The next step is to fuse the interfacing onto the wrong side of a piece of accent fabric big enough to fit the utensils drawing.


Next, cut out the utensils and apply fray stopper along the edges then glue them on the right side of your body piece.


Next, take the two body pieces, place the right sides together and sew them from three sides keeping the top open. Finish off the edges using a zig zag stitch and then turn the right side out. Press.


The next step is to attach the drawstring casing. Place the folded drawstring casing onto the body so that the raw edges of the body opening are aligned with the raw edges of the casing as shown below. Pin it in place and sew along the edge as shown by the dotted lines.


This is how the casing should be placed at the back. The openings of the casing are centered at the back of side of the body.


After you’re done, flip the casing upwards. Do a top stitch along the line where the two meet.


Sew the drawstring that you pressed earlier along the edge.

Insert your drawstring using a safety pin into the casing.


And you’re done! Your picnic utensil pouch is ready for a bright and fun picnic.


Alright, that’s the end of the tutorial where I showed you how to sew your very own picnic utensil pouch. For more awesome tutorials don’t forget to visit my blog Sew Some Stuff!

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