What We Loved This Week: Rustic Sewing

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What We Loved This Week

When I think of a rustic home decor, I automatically think of my roommate. Now, how does a city girl beginner knitter like me and a country girl advanced crafter like her become best friends? I wouldn’t even know where to begin to answer that question. She is about as country as it gets, Realtree camouflage and all. Unlike the Robinson’s though, she doesn’t believe in decorating her home in the same pattern that she wears when she hunts. She gives it a country touch that makes all her decor and furniture very cozy, but still has a modern sleekness that can’t be surpassed. I wouldn’t even put it past her to get married in a barn and have a rustic wedding theme.

Obviously you see where I’m going with this. As this rustic trend seems to grow more and more each week, that means the prices of these items are growing with it. Why spend a ton of money when you can just make your own home decor for a fraction? These were some of my favorite rustic sewing projects that you can make for your own home! They would also make great handmade gifts for loved ones during the holidays. Whatever you choose to do with your burlap, I can guarantee that you will love these easy country chic projects.



Free Sewing Pattern: Southern Charm Ruffled Table Cloth

Southern Charm Ruffled Skirt



You’re going to feel like you’re sitting down at an old Southern home with this ruffled table cloth. In only a few hours, you can make a homemade table cloth that looks both elegant and professional.




DIY Rustic Duvet Cover for a King Size Bed

Rustic Duvet Cover



Dropping insane dollars on a duvet or a bedspread is just absolutely ridiculous when you have this free duvet cover. You’re going to love making this warm bedspread yourself!



Homemade Rustic Fabric Wreath

Rustic Fabric Wreath



You can finish off your scrap bin with this Rustic Fabric Wreath. It’s so adorable and you won’t have to worry about it getting crushed in storage when you put it away.





More Rustic Sewing

Rustic and Cute Baby Owl

Burlap DIY Bed Skirt

Rustic Burlap Silverware Pouches

Rustic and Raw Quilt Idea

DIY Burlap Window Treatment

Rustic DIY Pillow

Rustic Rag Quilt

If you’re looking for more rustic ideas, try these!

Rustic Burlap Vase

Pretty Pincushion Jar

Rustic DIY Jewelry

Rustic Summer Wedding Centerpieces

DIY Antlers

What do you think makes a rustic home?


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