#SpringIntoSewing: Clean the Clutter with Organization Projects

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For Day 2 of #SpringIntoSewing week, we’re bringing you some sewing projects that will transform your home from cluttered cave to clean castle! Getting organized is one of the best ways to usher in ANY new season – clearing out things you don’t need on a regular basis helps keep the feng shui flowing in your humble abode. But spring is known the world over for inspiring some “spring cleaning,” and we love a chance to break out our organization skills!

Using fabric, especially fabric scraps, to organize your place is an amazing idea. Not only do you get to tidy up, but you’re using up your old fabric in the process, clearing up some space (and making room for new fabric, perhaps? 😉 )

Whether it’s your whole house that could use a little TLC or just one area that’s gotten out of hand, these 12 spring cleaning ideas are just the thing to help you get your space back into shape. We have organization projects for every room in the house – bedroom, kitchen, even that weird tiny crawlspace that no one ever wants to clean out. Work up whichever ones you know your house needs this season, and you’ll find it’s so much easier to keep things organized when everything has its own place! No more throwing junk mail on the counter or leaving necklaces on the bathroom sink. You’ll be the organization guru of  your friends and family before you know it, but just be prepared – they’re bound to ask you where you got all of your cute and crafty DIY storage solutions!

DIY Organization Projects#SpringIntoSewing: Clean the Clutter with Organization Projects

Scrap Fabric Basket OrganizerOrganize Your Fabric Scraps

Organize Your Mail

Organize Your Trinkets

DIY Mail OrganizerOrganize Your Fabric

Organize Your Bedroom

Organize Your Laundry

Organize Your Plastic Bags

Organize in Ten Minutes

Organize Your Jewelry

Organize Your Craft Room

Clever Scrap Fabric BasketOrganize with Quilts

Organize Your Diaper Bag

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What’s your favorite way to get organized?

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