Which Christmas Movie Are You? (+ fun free patterns!)

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Today’s post is something festive and fun! This is the time of year where all I want to do is curl up on the couch and watch Christmas movies. With all of the holiday happenings that go on this time of year, it can be hard to think about what you’d like to start sewing after you’ve finished everything you’re gifting to family and friends. Take this fun quiz to see which Christmas movie you’re most like depending on your personality, and then start sewing up the pattern that best suits each film!

Which Christmas Movie are You?Which Christmas Movie Are You? (+ fun free patterns!)

Choose the answer to each question that fits you best, then tally up the points (the numbers in parentheses next to each answer.) At the end, total them up and see your results!

1. Your favorite Christmas activity is:
a.) Singing along to Christmas carols. (1)
b.) Spending time with family and those I hold dear. (2)
c.) Kissing someone special under the mistletoe. (3)
d.) Setting out cookies and milk for Santa the night before. (4)
e.) Eating Christmas cookies and candy canes. (5)
f.) I don’t like any Christmas activities! (0)

2. What’s your favorite Christmas carol?
a.)  White Christmas (1)
b.) Jingle Bells (2)
c.) All I Want for Christmas Is You  (3)
d.) Santa Claus is Coming to Town (4)
e.)  Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer (5)
f.) Christmas carols are too overplayed. (0)

3. What would be your ideal gift to receive?
a.)  A CD filled with music I like. (1)
b.) An ornament. (2)
c.) A pretty necklace.  (3)
d.) A hat. (4)
e.)  A model train set. (5)
f.) A lump of coal. (0)

4. Which Christmas character is your favorite?
a.) Frosty the Snowman.  (1)
b.) Clarence the angel (2)
c.)  Buddy the Elf (3)
d.) Santa Claus (4)
e.)  Rudolph (5)
f.) None of them. (0)

5. Pick your favorite Christmas word:
a.) Tinsel (1)
b.) Bells (2)
c.)  Gifts (3)
d.) Believe (4)
e.) Sleigh (5)
f.) I don’t like any Christmas words. (0)


Heart Hot Pad Pattern0-4 Points: How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Oh dear, it seems that maybe you aren’t a very big fan of the holiday season. But that’s okay – let your heart grow three sizes with these Heart Hot Pads! Bonus points if you share the love and gift them to someone else!

Piano Shoulder Bag5-9 Points: White Christmas

You love a little music in your life, and that’s the perfect attitude for the holidays. This Piano Shoulder Bag will help you transport all of your essentials with a musical flair and a spring in your step.

Easy Ruffle Apron10-13 Points: It’s a Wonderful Life

You enjoy spending time with your family and friends. The Easy Ruffled Apron will give you serious style while you spend quality time cooking with your loved ones this season.

The Day Date Dress14-16 Points: Love Actually

Who doesn’t love a little bit of romance during the holidays? Get started on this Day Date Dress and have a fun and flirty afternoon with your other half. Single for the season? Nothing like a new dress to show the love for yourself! This one’s got that darling vintage vibe and is flattering to any figure.

DIY Rose Pillow17-20 Points: Miracle on 34th Street

You believe in the magic of the holiday season. This Rose Pillow is easy to make and is perfect for catching some Zs while waiting up for Santa.

Happy Scrappy Scarf Pattern21-25 Points: Elf

You’re still a child at heart and we love that about you! Sew up this Happy Scrappy Scarf that’s definitely Buddy-approved.

Which Christmas movie is your favorite?

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