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10 Free Dress Patterns for Summer

The thing that I love about summer the most are the cute, light dresses that come out in stores. Unfortunately, I’m the type of shopper who shops at a handful of stores, and none of them are cheap. It’s not that I choose to have expensive tasteit’s just in my nature. On the flip side, I’m also crafty. So when those two collide, it makes a whirlwind of fun crafts that are practically copycats of store bought stuff. Dresses are the perfect garment. Summer dresses are loose-fitting and keep you cooled off in the scorching heat, while winter dresses can be flowy chiffon or a cozy sweater dress. Whatever kind of dress you particularly like, they are a low-maintenance piece of clothing that are sew easy to make.

Summer Dress Patterns

As difficult as it is for me to resist spending a ton of money on cute tunics and ruffled dresses, I know in the back of my mind that I can make them myself. Now, my sewing skills are nowhere near someone who does it on a daily basis—I can work a machine, do basic stitching, and simple embroidery—so these patterns are ridiculously easy for you pro’s to make. Free summer dress patterns are always easier to come by than winter only because they require less fabric and are great beginner sewing patterns. Though I still love my cable-knit sweater dresses and sleek silhouettes with a little bling for the winter, spring and summer dresses are always going to be my favorite because of their low-maintenance. I’m pretty sure the first thing I had ever sewn was an upcycled jean skirt from a pair of pants. Then I used the scraps to make an easy jean bag. I was rocking it in the 6th grade.

Sewing is such a great outlet for any age. It’s one of the few things in this world that are both methodical and creative at the same time. There are multiple ways to connect two pieces of fabric together, but what you do with that fabric, and what other shapes you add to it, is what makes it creative. Sewing simple dresses is going to be an ongoing project because of the different styles, fabrics, and patterns that you can make for any time of year.

Free Dress Patterns for Summer

Curvy Drape Dress

Easy Summer Halter Dress

2 Hour Maxi Dress

The Day Date Dress

Totally Twiggy Mod Dress

Barbara Free Dress Pattern

Sunday Brunch Dress Pattern

Coral Dress

Peplum Dress Pattern

Skirt and Dress Twofer

What is your favorite kind of dress? Let us know below in the comments!

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