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10 Kaleidoscope Designs to Quilt

Kaleidoscopes have been around for hundreds of years since their invention in the early 1800s, but I remember getting my first toy kaleidoscope as a kid and being totally mesmerized by what I saw inside. The designs are so gorgeous due to the mirrors reflecting the shapes inside, but, unfortunately, the designs never seemed to last. However, that won’t be a problem if you make one of these 10 Kaleidoscope Designs to Quilt! This all-inclusive kaleidoscope quilting collection will surely have a design you’ll be eager to try.

10 Kaleidoscope Designs to Quilt

With all of the fun and colorful designs, these free quilt patterns make beautiful bed quilts that will match any bedroom’s color scheme and decor. You could even make one as a homemade gift for the college student in your family so that he or she will have a warm, homey touch in the dorm room. The possibilities for these kaleidoscope quilts are endless just like the infinite combinations of designs inside a kaleidoscope.

1. Kaleidoscope Kites Quilt

Kaleidoscope Kites Quilt

This colorful kaleidoscope quilt is a perfect beginner’s quilt project that will introduce you to blocking. It’s also a great chain quilting design that more experienced quilters can use to experiment with different color schemes.

2. Sunshine Kaleidoscope Quilt

Sunshine Kaleidoscope Quilt

You’ll feel like you’re lounging on the beach at sunset when you’ve finished this intricate kaleidoscope design. With free printable paper piecing templates, your quilt will have exquisite detail and design.

3. Sawtooth Star Quilt Block Pattern

Sawtooth Star Quilt Block Pattern

This is a gorgeous star quilt block that is reminiscent of kaleidoscope designs. Its simple geometric patterns make for easy quilting, but the design is gorgeous no matter the difficulty.

4. Kaleidoscope Quilted Table Topper

Kaleidoscope Quilted Table Topper

The texture of this kaleidoscope quilt really makes the design pop out at you, and it would make a fun summer quilt pattern for outdoor picnics or for watching fireworks.

5. Kaleidoscope Quilt Block

Kaleidoscope Quilt Block

This is a really elegant kaleidoscope pattern that looks like something you’d find in church or in a royal castle. If you want to add a fancy and upscale feel to your home, you’ll definitely want to try this pattern.

6. Fast Forward Quilt Block

Fast Forward Quilt Block

You’ll want to fast-forward through making this quilt, so you can have the finished quilt as soon as possible. This is a great geometric kaleidoscope quilt design that some quilters might say also looks like a flying geese quilt pattern .

7. Kaleidoscope Star String Block

Kaleidoscope Star String Block

This is another great and simple star quilt block design that can go in any room of the house. Because the majority of the pattern is in a solid color, you can move this quilt from room to room within your house, and it will look good anywhere.

8. Kaleidoscope Pinwheel Quilt

Kaleidoscope Pinwheel Quilt

Of course, there can’t be a collection of quilts without a fun pinwheel quilt block. This kaleidoscope design and pinwheel combination is the ultimate quilting project for you to make.

9. Ohio Star Quilt Block Tutorial

Ohio Star Quilt Block Tutorial

This Ohio Star Quilt Block is a perfect kaleidoscope project because of its funky colors and design. Imagine this beauty lying across your bed.

10. Midnight Kaleidoscope Block

Midnight Kaleidoscope Block

This artistic block style is very modern and sophisticated. This would look perfect in a modern-style apartment or just for a fresher look for any room in the house.

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Which pattern are you eager to try? Let us know below in the comments!

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