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14 Cozy Winter Quilt Patterns

I’m notoriously cold in the winter time. It’s not uncommon to for me to walk around my college campus wearing fleece leggings under my jeans, three sweatshirts, a winter jacket, an ear warmer, a hat, gloves, three pairs of socks, and boots. No exaggeration. My quilted jean blanket is my lifeline when I’m working in my dorm room, I don’t think I’d survive the winter without its warmth. Sometimes, a quilt is all a girl can rely on during these harsh months. When you get cold this winter, just sew up these cozy winter quilts to keep you warm. These great quilt patterns will be there to cuddle and protect you from freezing temperatures when the three sweatshirts and two pairs of pants aren’t enough.

Quilting kind of runs in my family. My mom made my jean quilt for me, in addition to my older brother’s, the two at our house, the two sweatshirt quilts, and mostly likely there will be another coming along for my little brother soon since he’s heading off to college now! My grandmother is a bit more traditional with her quilts. While my mom designs her own patterns to use up scrap fabric and old clothes we don’t wear anymore, Grandma actually follows quilting patterns and picks her materials carefully for her quilt. She would like these winter patterns. Hopefully you like them, too!

14 Cozy Winter Quilt Patterns

14 Cozy Winter Quilt Patterns



Peppermint Mocha Chain Quilt

Peppermint Snowballs Quilt



Mountain Lodge Flannel Quilt



Mistletoe and Berries Quilting Design



Attic Window Snowman Scene Quilt

Icicle Lights Quilting Pattern

Selvage Snowflake Quilt Blocks

Flake Lap Quilt

Anchorage Free Block Pattern

Christmas Row Houses Pattern

Purple (ish)


Lightening Storm Free Motion Design



Icy Strips Lone Star Quilt

Misty Mountain Quilt Pattern



Roaring Deer Quilt Block

What’s your favorite way to stay warm in the winter?