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23 A+ Apron Patterns

If anyone is in dire need of some apron patterns, it’s me.

My kitchen looks like a tornado went off in it after I attempt a new recipe. Melted butter is spattered on the stovetop. A lone, uncooked piece of rigatoni is crushed underfoot. Somehow an egg has been pulverized over the countertop even though I don’t remember using any eggs for the recipe. And to top it off, everything has become chalky underneath a fine dusting of flour.

23 A+ Apron Patterns

Now I can cook with ease knowing that whatever I wear or whatever mess I make, I’ll emerge unscathed. This list of free apron patterns has transformed the way I cook (or, I should say, how I look after I cook). No more mysterious oil stains on my pants or watermarks on my shirt from leaning on the sink counter. As a hostess, I used to be terrified to wear my party clothes while I worked in the kitchen for fear that I would have to change halfway through. Inevitably, I would spend the first half of the evening in a bandana and sweatpants to protect against any spillage. Now I can dress to the nines for the entire evening without fear of ruining my outfit!

These 23 Apron Patterns are necessary for chefs of every skill level. Clever and non-traditional, these DIY apron tutorials have liberated me from my cooking mess anxieties, and now I wear them every time I take out a saucepan! If you want to transform your life in the kitchen and beyond, these kitchen sewing projects are perfect for you.


Retro and Vintage Apron Patterns

If you’re like me, you adore the full-skirted, flouncy, and feminine look of retro aprons. However, you don’t have to go scouring eBay for decade-old aprons when you have access to these DIY apron patterns! Whether they have a ruffled fringe or a vintage print, these Retro and Vintage Apron Patterns will have you looking like you stepped out of an episode of I Love Lucy. No matter how messy your cooking space gets, you can still look like a diner babe in these flirtatious designs.

Vintage Handkerchief Free Apron Pattern

Vintage Handkerchief Free Apron Pattern

Retro Ruffled Apron

Simple Vintage Apron

Betty Draper Inspired Hostess Apron

Free Retro Apron Pattern


Upcycled Apron Patterns

For an apron pattern that’s made to handle your messiest moments, you might not want to invest in all-new fabrics. Whether you want to be kind to the environment or kind to your wallet, these Upcycled Apron Patterns are perfect for you! These DIY recycling projects use everything from a pillowcase to an old pair of jeans to make kitchen accessories you’ll wish you could wear out of the kitchen.

Ten Minute Pillowcase Apron

Ten Minute Pillowcase Apron

Men’s Shirt Apron

Bath Towel Apron

Scrappy Upcycled Apron

Upcycled Button-Down Apron

Men’s Apron Patterns

When your man is working at the grill, the last thing you want is for BBQ splatters to ruin his summer best. Give your husband, boyfriend, or dad kitchen gear that’s flattering, rugged, and handy when his culinary genius strikes. These Men’s Apron Patterns are durable enough to outlast any bout of hopeful deep-frying, grilling, or kitchen-wide experimentation. Some are even personalized with fun appliques!

Barbecue Apron for Men

Barbecue Apron for Men

Barbecue Apron for Dad

King of the Grill DIY Apron

Utility and Garden Apron Patterns

While you may associate aprons with stove top escapades and cutting board feats, aprons don’t have to just be for the kitchen. With small modifications, you can turn any apron into a handy tool for crafting, gardening, and even home improvement. Carry tools like scissors, trowels, and hammers without ever needing your hands. These clever Utility and Garden Apron Patterns will keep you clean and stocked with tools for any project.

Handy Woman's Apron Pattern

Handy Woman’s Apron Pattern

Ultimate Utility Apron

Easy Gardening Apron

DIY Garden Apron

How to Make a Travel Scissor Case

Kids’ Apron Patterns

The only thing messier than trying to cook yourself is your kids….at any given time. Whether your kids are concocting ambiguously edible recipes in the kitchen or finger painting with every color of the rainbow, these apron patterns are a godsend! Protect the outfit of your favorite sous chef or shield your little artist from his colorful masterpieces. Whatever you use these Kids’ Apron Patterns for, you’ll be thankful you found them!

No Sew Aprons for Kids

No Sew Aprons for Kids

Baking Outside the Box Apron Tutorial

Reversible Craft Apron for Kids

Little Mary Sous Chef Apron

Kids’ Retro Apron Pattern

What’s your favorite kitchen accessory to sew? Let us know below in the comments!