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36 Midwestern Quilt Patterns

One of our most popular blog posts in recent weeks was Ain’t That America: 50 Regional Quilt Patterns and Tutorials, and our readers overwhelming loved our Midwestern quilt section more than any other region! It’s hard to deny the appeal of the Midwest and Midwestern quilts in particular. Nestled in the heart of the US, the Midwest is home to picturesque woodlands, seas of prairie and farmland, and of course, the Great Lakes. Midwestern quilts, much like the region itself, celebrate traditional American quilt-making and quilt patterns, combining classic designs like the log cabin or star pattern with bright and lively colors. So, to celebrate all things Midwest, we’ve broken down some of our favorite traditional quilt patterns and paired them with each state in the Midwest that inspired them, from the bustling streets of Chicago in Illinois to the gorgeous plains of the Dakotas. Whether you live in the America’s heartland yourself or are just looking for a fun, new quilting project, our list of Midwestern-inspired quilts is just what you need!

36 Midwestern Quilt Patterns

If you want to find quilt patterns or tutorials inspired by your own state, be sure to check out our previous blog post here. And if you live outside the US, we’d love to hear about traditional quilting styles and patterns from your country. Just be sure to leave a comment below. Here’s wishing you happy quilting!

36 Midwestern Quilt Patterns


Lake Michigan Quilt

We love this Great Lakes-inspired quilt!




Ohio Star Quilt Block Tutorial

This Ohio Star is a reader fave!




Kansas Twister Block

This quilt block puts a twist on traditional quilting!




Church Picnic Quilt

This colorful country quilt is perfect for stash busting!

North Dakota

South Dakota 

Which state are you from? Be sure to leave a comment below!

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