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9 Helpful Quilting Tips Straight from Our Readers

Here at FaveQuilts, we often like to we post sewing tips sent in by our readers. Since they’re from avid, sometimes professional, sewists, these tips are super handy, and we are always so grateful for how willing you all are to share with us. This time, we’ve got a list of quilting tips straight from readers like you. Take a look! We’re sure you’ll find some new ideas, and maybe you’ll even find your own tip listed below.

Tip #1

Nothing feeds creative inspiration like travel!

Tip #2

My Grandmother made scrap crazy quilts for the whole family. They were always tied, and she used old blankets for batting. When recreating one of her quilts for my brother, I didn’t have a blanket. I roamed the local fabric store knowing regular batting would be too puffy. I hit upon some flannel. Ever since, I have used flannel inside utilitarian tied quilts especially for family members who need all cotton due to allergies.

Tip #3

Instead of throwing your old rotary cutter blades in the trash and risking someone getting cut, store them in a larger size Rx medicine bottle (plastic).  The container is safe and childproof.  When it is full, it is safe to throw in the trash or deliver to a collection point.

Tip #4

I took 2 wooden standup TV trays and 1.) padded the top of one to make a portable pressing table (several layers of cotton batt, fold pretty fabric over and staple) and 2.) glued a cutting mat cut to fit on the other to make a portable cutting table. To use, I can take them to classes with me or set them up in front of the TV with my Featherweight on a third one. I can join my husband watching TV and still work on my quilt blocks.

Tip #5

Instead of the fancy project bags, I use different sizes of ziplock bags to hold my projects in. The variety is large and they are easy to find.

Tip #6

When getting ready to put your backing on, clipping the back batting and top onto the top of a curtain rod uses gravity to keep the layer cake straight and wrinkle-free while pinning.  I use three self-sticking 3m hooks and a curtain rod placed on the three clips and use refrigerator clips to hold it in place.  When I’m done pinning, I hang a piece of flannel king sized and use it as a design wall or project organizer.

Tip #7

Use Clover clips when attaching a binding for hand stitching.

Tip #8

I like to pin things when I work on any quilting projects. I also measure the pattern to see where I need to cut it.

Tip #9

Always use a new needle to prevent problem stitches.

Do you have any additional quilting tips to contribute? If so, post them below!