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A Guide to Quilt Sizes: 26 Quilt Patterns

You know the drill. You’ve found the perfect quilt block pattern that you’re dying to try. You’ve chosen vibrant colored fabric with fun prints and you can’t wait to start on your new quilting project. Then you run into a problem. How big do you make your quilt? You know that you want to create a project larger than a mini quilt, but you’re absolutely stumped when it comes to measurements. If you’ve run into this issue when quilting, then worry no longer because I come bearing quilt measurements so that you can create the quilt of your dreams without stressing about sizes.

A Guide to Quilt Sizes

Matching quilt blocks to full quilt sizes can be tricky, but with this easy measurement guide, you can easily plan your quilt and sit back and enjoy in the quilting experience. I’ve broken down some of our best quilt patterns into four main categories: twin, double, queen, and king. This way you can choose your favorite from this list of  patterns to match the bed size you’re aiming for. And if you ‘d like an even more in-depth guide to choosing various quilt sizes, be sure to check out this excellent article from FaveQuilts!

If you’ve got your own bed quilt pattern that you’d like to share, or just want to let me know which of these quilt patterns is your favorite, make sure to leave a comment below! We’d love to hear from you if you live outside of the US, and would like to provide standard quilt measurements for other international readers. Here’s wishing you happy quilting!

*Note: Please note that the measurements listed below are US standard quilt sizes and are approximate measurements, meaning they are merely suggested guidelines. Have fun experimenting with your favorite patterns in all different sizes!

A Guide to Quilt Sizes: 26 Quilt Patterns

Quilt Sizes

List of standard quilt sizes

 Twin Size Quilt Patterns

Approximate Size: 68″ x 86″

Marie Antoinette Triangle Quilt

A quilt fit for royalty!

Double Size Quilt Patterns

Approximate Size: 86″ x 86″

Film at Five Scrap Quilt Pattern

The perfect summer pop of color!

Queen Size Quilt Patterns

Approximate Size: 90″ x 90″

Morning Splash Quilt Pattern

One of the hottest new patterns!

King Size (or larger) Quilt Patterns

Approximate Size: 100″ x 90″

Ariel's Wedding Quilt Pattern

Wedding quilt patterns are incredibly popular right now!

What size of quilts do you usually make? Be sure to leave a comment below!

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