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21 Absurdly Addictive Sewing Patterns

Whether you’d like to admit it or not, sewing can be…pretty addicting. We’ve all stayed up late working on a sewing pattern that we could’ve finished in the morning. We’ve all started on a new blanket pattern although we’d just finished a scarf.

Every single sewist has been there before, but who can blame us, right? Sewing is such a satisfying activity that it’s almost impossible to not develop an addiction. I mean, nobody can resist an easy quilting pattern. It needs to be sewn right now!

21 Absurdly Addictive Sewing Patterns

21 Absurdly Addictive Sewing Patterns

21 Absurdly Addictive Sewing Patterns

Over at AllFreeSewing, we’re just as addicted to sewing as you are. So, we’ve created this collection of 21 Absurdly Addictive Sewing Patterns that’ll feed your sewing obsession! In this list of addictive sewing patterns, we’ve featured all types of projects for all types of people. Whether you’re an earth-lover or a film aficionado, you’ll find a sewing pattern that you’ll obsess over. In fact, you’ll be so addicted to these free sewing patterns that you’ll want to create several in different colors.

So, what are you waiting for? Pick up your needle and thread, and start sewing!

Pretty Purse Sewing Patterns

Is your purse slowly tearing apart at the seams? Or are you looking for a new purse to add to your collection? Whether you need an everyday or special occasion purse, these addictive sewing patterns are super functional, and they’re so pretty. You don’t need to worry about these sewn purses ripping because they can withstand anything. You’ll love these patterns so much that you’ll want to sew all of them!

Cute Constellations Zippered Pouch Pattern

Cute Constellations Zippered Pouch Pattern

Hanging Bag Project Pattern

Cute Constellations Zippered Pouch Pattern – for the astrology-obsessed person

Cricut Wristlet Clutch Tutorial

Elastic Organizer Beachcomber Bag Pattern – for the beach bum

Swanky Suede Tote Bag Tutorial


Cute and Cozy Quilt Patterns

In every sewist’s home, you’ll always find a homemade quilt. But if you don’t have one, it’s your time to shine! These quilt patterns are so impressive that you won’t be able to resist sewing one. After looking through this list, you’ll immediately sit down and create your own! Whether you’re using your quilt as home decor or as a blanket, you absolutely need one of these quilt patterns.


Modern Pastel Crib Quilt

Modern Pastel Crib Quilt

Star Wars-Inspired Reversible Fleece Quilt – for the Luke Skywalker fan

Modern Log Cabin Quilt

Easy T-Shirt Quilt Tutorial – for the t-shirt collector

Modern Pastel Crib Quilt

Science Lovers Periodic Table of the Elements Quilt – for the science geek


Stylish Sewing Clothes Patterns

Are you tired of buying a plain skirt that costs over $30? Is your wallet starting to feel low on cash? If you’re looking to save a few extra dollars this month, check out these addictive sewing clothes patterns! Sewing your own clothes is super budget-friendly and effortless. Most of the time, you can create exact dupes from your favorite stores or clothing that’s much prettier!

Totally Twiggy Mod Dress

Totally Twiggy Mod Dress

Cross Back Tank Free Pattern 

Totally Twiggy Mod Dress – for the person who’s stuck in the 1960s

Tea Length Tulle Skirt Tutorial

DIY Yoga Pants and Workout Tank – for the gym rat

Two Yard Jumpsuit Tutorial


Stunning Sewing Accessories Patterns

With every outfit, you need cute accessories to match. So, why not do a little sewing to accessorize your closet? From scarfs to bracelets, you’ll find patterns that’ll perfectly complement your outfits. You don’t need to spend lots of money on a simple bracelet or earrings. You can create your own accessories right at home!

Easy Hand Stitched Fair Isle Phone Pouch

Easy Hand Stitched Fair Isle Phone Pouch

DIY Upcycled Braided Bracelets – for the earth-loving hippie

Double Sided Blanket Scarf Pattern

Cozy Wool Mittens Pattern – for the person with constantly cold hands

Katniss Cowl Pattern

DIY Passport Wallet – for the wanderlust friend

Easy Hand Stitched Fair Isle Phone Pouch


What sewing patterns will you be trying today? Let us know in the comments below!