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15 Adorable Free Apron Patterns

When the weather gets chilly, there’s only one thing I can think of: warm food. I’m talking hearty stews, apple pies, my mom’s homemade stuffinganything that makes me feel toasty on the inside while I’m freezing on the outside. However, no cook is complete without their #1 accessory: the apron! A trusty apron has saved me from many a spill, but because I tend to be sort of klutzy in the kitchen, I’m regularly in need of a new and non-stained version if company is coming. If you’re a little on the clumsy side like me (or even if you’re just looking for a fall sewing project), here are some of our best free sewing patterns for the apron-maker in you!

Free Apron Patterns

15 Adorable Free Apron Patterns

Aprons are easy sewing projects for any skill level since you don’t have to get the measurements exactly right for it to still look good. With these tutorials, you’ll learn how to sew an apron or, if you’re already an expert, you can find some inspiration for your next DIY apron project. I’ve sorted these simple patterns into three categories so you can pick the one that most tickles your fancy.

Quick Apron Patterns

10 Minute Free Apron PatternYou’ve got a lot on your mind with the holidays approaching, so it’s easy to let things slip through the cracks until, suddenly, it’s the day of your family gathering and you’ve nothing to protect yourself from spills and splattersack! Fortunately, each of these quick apron patterns can be thrown together in less than an hour!

Easy 10 Minute Apron
5 Step 15 Minute Apron
20 Minute Reversible Apron
Speedy Pillowcase Apron
No-Sew Easy Apron

Vintage Apron Patterns

Vintage Apron PatternDreaming of Mom’s floral aprons (or at least the ones that TV moms always seemed to be wearing back then)? Get your Mad Men on and turn back the clock with these vintage sewing patterns that transform a kitchen must-have into a pretty accessory.

Funky Floral Apron
Simple Vintage Apron
Retro Hostess Apron
Vintage Handkerchief Apron
Beginner’s Vintage Apron

Unique Apron Patterns

Pocket Apron PatternHave you mastered the basic apron tutorial? If so, these projects might give you some ideas for ways to spice it up! Each one has its own special touch that sets it apart from the crowd. They also make great gifts for the chef that has it allyou just can’t replicate the thoughtfulness of a homemade gift.

Super Cute DIY Sprinkled Donut Apron
Ravishing Ruffle Apron
Pretty Pocket Apron
Adjustable Kitchen Apron
Festive Turkey Apron

Which of these free apron patterns is your favorite? Let us know below in the comments!