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The “Almost Everything” Tote Bag Sewing Pattern


Hey, everyone, it’s Carolyn again of Carolyn’s Canvas with my new tote that I’m so very pleased with. Just a couple of weeks ago, I had been scouting around for a basket/box/plastic container to have on the front seat of my car to keep cold drinks and other things in, but I hadn’t found anything I wanted to use.

An insulated market tote was on the drawing board for refrigerants on shopping trips and I had some of Fairfield’s new insulated Aluminor in silver that I wanted to use. When the tote was done-voila!- a light bulb went off-here was just the perfect thing for my car so that is where it is residing.


I like the wide sturdy straps with dowel handles. More totes are already planned for my crochet and other projects, but they won’t have to be insulated. The tote is very simple and goes together quickly-my kind of project. It is one main piece with the 2 straps so in essence just 3 pieces.

If you decide to make the insulated “Almost Everything Tote” you will need:

1 3/4 yards-Fairfield’s Aluminor-or other fabric

2 [9″ x 54″] strips of contrasting fabric for straps

2 [4″ x 52″] batting for straps

120″  double fold binding

2 -1/2″ x11″ dowels

I liked using my new Magic Clips for this fabric. They worked nicely holding the seams with binding together as I sewed.

I made my own double fold binding for the tote from the strap fabric for bottom seams and all around the top edge and flaps. It was quick and easy without any necessity for special tools-just a couple of my regular straight pins, my iron and ironing pad. Here is the video from the binding venture:

Here is your “Almost Everything Tote” template:

Market Tote


A to A, B to B to form tote sides-right sides facing

For bottom seams: wrong sides facing, sew A side to AA bottom, B side to BB bottom with binding sewn over seam.

Sew binding all around top of tote and flaps

Straps- place fabric wrong side up, place batting strip in center, fold one side fabric over batting, fold over 1/2″ on opposite side fabric then fold over strap. Stitch edge down length of strap, stitch another row  1/4″ from first row.

Turn under 1/2″ on each end to underside, fold over 2″  on each end to form casings for dowel handles, stitch down. I also sewed the outside of the casings to keep the dowel in place.

Arrange straps evenly, sew onto bottom seam/binding and top edge/binding [see photo], insert dowels into casing and you are done with your “Almost Everything Tote.”

I love the versatility of this tote and plan on making several for my crafting buddies since it is so quick to put together. I hope you find it useful, also.

May the joy of crafting be upon you

Carolyn Wainscott