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The Best Baby Blankets: 16 Quilts for Little Ones

When it comes to being warm and comfortable, we have to fess up and admit that babies always come first. Their comfort is more important than our own, no matter what time of year it is. Quilts are the best way to ensure that your baby is nice and cozy up there in that crib so you can stop worrying so much.

Quilts for Baby
One of the best things about baby quilts (besides the fact that they are warm and snuggly) is that it is so easy and fun to customize them. Make them whatever you want them to be, because you can get as crazy or as subdued as your personality allows. With all the different squares, stripes, and patterns that are created within the quilt, your freedom and opportunities are endless. You know I’m absolutely right, which is why you’re itching to get on to this spectacular collection of 16 different baby quilts.

Some of these patterns come straight from FaveQuilts while the rest are from other internet bloggers. You’ll definitely find a well thought-out variety of baby quilts and blanket patterns so that you can always know your baby is perfectly safe and wrapped up tight. If you’re in a giving mood, make one for a friend with a baby shower coming up. You know they will appreciate the kind, creative, and homemade gift.

We’ve tried to separate out the baby boy and girl quilts but, as I’m sure you know, you can always use a different colored or patterned fabric to customize it in a certain way. Take them as you wish, and leave with the patterns that appeal most to you no matter who they are for. Happy baby quilting!

All About Girls

Striped Chevrons Baby QuiltStriped Chevrons Baby Quilt Tutorial

Personalized Jelly Roll Baby Quilt

Butterfly Bow Tie Quilt

Down Home Chevron Baby Quilt

Baby Doll Quilt from Cherished Bliss

Flax and Twine Short-Cut Quilt from Petite Purls

Diamond Baby Quilt from Persia Lou

Modern Chevron Baby Quilt from Bonjour Quilts

Quilts For the Boys

Sunny Crib QuiltTetris Baby Quilt

Everyday Easy Baby Quilt

Sunny Crib Quilt

Big Star Baby Blanket

Rag Quilt Tutorial from Muslin & Merlot

Baby Quilt from Home + Away With Lisa

Mod Chevron Baby Quilt from The Craftinomicon

Striped Rag Quilt from Muslin & Merlot

Do you still have your first baby blanket?