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Baby, It’s Cold Outside! 15 Baby Sewing Patterns

When there’s a new baby in the family, you know how important it is to make all of their first holidays a magical experience. Even if they won’t remember it when they’re older, there’s nothing more important than letting a new baby know that they’re loved, and mom and dad will certainly treasure the memories for years to come! Make baby’s first Christmas one for the scrapbooks with these DIY baby gift ideas that anyone would love.

Sewing Patterns for BabyBaby’s First Christmas: 15 Free Sewing Patterns

A simple sewing pattern is all it takes to create a handmade gift they’ll remember forever. From blankets to bibs, these DIY baby gifts are sure to make mom and dad smile.

Baby Blanket Patterns
Baby Blanket PatternWhen in doubt, you can never go wrong with gifting a handmade baby blanket. I know I still have the blankets my grandmother made me when I was born; they’ve become treasured heirlooms that I’ll pass down to my children someday.
Lovey Dovey Baby Quilt
Serene Log Cabin Baby Blanket
All Star Baby Blanket Pattern
Sew Easy Baby Blanket Tutorial
Vintage Hankies Baby Quilt Pattern

Baby Outfit Patterns
Baby Onesie PatternThere’s nothing cuter than a tiny baby outfit! Whether it’s a onesie you’re after or some adorable winter wear, mom and dad are guaranteed to love these sewing projects.
How to Make Overalls
Honestly Lovely Onesie Dress
Best Baby Dress Coat
Adorable Appliqued Onesie
Winter Baby Onesie Pattern


Baby Bib Patterns
Baby Bib PatternIf there’s one thing a new mom needs, it’s a healthy supply of bibs. There are any number of things a baby can spill that stain! Give a gift that’s thoughtful AND practical by making sure mom never runs out of cute, clean baby bibs.
Oh Deer Baby Bib
Scalloped DIY Baby Bib
Reversible Crossover Baby Bib Pattern
Bandana Bib Tutorial
Cute Baby Bib

What’s your favorite thing to make for a new baby?