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Summer Bag Sewing Pattern: Seashell Bag

Hi! Stephanie from Swoodson SaysI’m sharing a free sewing tutorial for a seashell bag. This is inspired by one of my most popular patterns, the Little Collector Backpack, but is a much quicker sew. This would be a perfect party favor for a beach bash!

seashell bag

stay open

The bias tape and seams make it so the top stays openeasy for little hands to slide shells in but all the sand falls out! This would work well for hikes and pinecones, etc. as well.

Ready to make one?



step 1

  1. Cut two rectangles 9.5″ wide by 14.5″ tall and then round the two bottom corners out, using a plate or a lid as a guide.

step 2 step 3

2. Layer the rectangles over top of one another; cut a 40″ piece of bias trim and then sew it around 2 long and 1 short side, to secure the two rectangles together. Trim the top/raw edges so it is all even.

step 4 step 5

3. Cut a 19.5″ piece of bias tape and sew it around the top of the bag to finish the edge, sandwiching the mesh in between the tape’s layers. Make sure to press the side seams the same direction (either towards the front or towards the back). Fold one short edge under itself when you get to the end and sew over it to cover any raw edges.

step 6

4. Cut two pieces of bias tape 20″ long and iron the main fold flat. Fold each 20″ piece in half, and then fold the short ends in so the raw edges are concealed. You can use a glue stick to gently baste everything together. Sew each piece about 3″ down from the top, one on each side, leaving a small gap where they almost touch near the side seam.

step 7 step 8

5. Use the bodkin or safety pin to thread each piece of twill tape through the channels, and then knot each end. Pull tight and it’s closed!

What are your must-haves for the beach? Let me know below in the comments!

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