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12 Days of Christmas: Day 9!

Today is Day 9 of our 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway. You can enter each day to win the prize of the day! Contest rules and how to enter are below.

12 Days of Christmas

Today’s Project

On the ninth day of our 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway, my true love gave to me … the Beaded Clutch Tutorial from Camelot Fabrics!



Please wash, dry & iron your quilting cotton before beginning. Do not iron batting. Unless otherwise noted, all seams are sewn with a 1/2” allowance.


Download templates and full instructions here.

  1. Print out the templates found on the last three pages of this tutorial at 100% of actual size and trace them onto folded double layers of your fabric as directed on the pattern pieces, with the dashed lines against the folds in your cloth. Mark lines for the ends of the zipper gap on your Inner Flap and Front Panel Pieces.
  2. Cut a rectangle 16” wide and 4” tall from your Lining fabric for the clutch’s Band.
  3. Place your Outer Back Shell and Lining Body pieces on your pressing surface, Wrong Sides facing up, and cover them with fusible interfacing, glue side down. Iron well to bond the fusing to the quilting cotton and trim your pieces so that the edges of the interfacing are flush with the edges of the Shell & Lining pieces.
  4. With its Right Sides facing, sew the long edges of the Band together. Press the seam open and turn the work Right Sides out. Press the Band flat, with the seam at the center of one side.
  5. Lay the Outer Back Shell on top of the Inside Flap, Right Sides together. Place the Outer Back Batting piece on top of the Outer Back Shell and sew these three layers together along their scalloped edges with a 1/4” seam. Clip into the curves, trim any excess allowance from the Batting layer, and turn the work Right Side out.
  6. Layer your two Lining Body pieces together, Right Sides facing, and place the Batting body piece on top of them. Sew these three layers along their top edge, leaving the zipper gap open and backstitching to either side of it.
  7. Sew the Inside Flap to the Shell Body along their horizontal edges, Right Sides together, leaving the gap for the zipper open and backstitching to either side of it.
  8. Install your zipper in the gap between the Inside Flap & Shell Body. We have a tutorial for that here.
  9. Stitch your Lining unit to the Flap & Shell unit, Wrong Sides together, sewing exactly along the top-edge seams your created in Steps 3 & 4 as shown by the red dashed line. The Batting Body should be sandwiched between one Lining Body and the Shell Body.
  10. Working from the inside, sew the seam allowances of the Lining & Batting Body pieces to the seam allowances & zipper tape of the Inside Flap and Shell Body. Stitch as closely as possible to the center of the existing seam.
  11. Place the Band on the Shell Body, with the Band’s seam against the Shell Body’s Right Side. The Band’s ends should be centered on the side edges of the Body. Baste the Band in place with a 1/4” seam allowance and trim its ends to be flush with the Body’s sides.
  12. Fold the top and outermost scallops toward the center of the Flap and pin them down. This keeps them safely out of the way for the next step.
  13. With the zipper open, fold back the bottom half of the Outer Back and the Shell body so that the Flap & Band are sandwiched between them and the  zipper seam is between them & the Lining pieces.
  14. Stitch the two Lining Body Pieces together and the Shell Body to the Outer Back, as shown. Leave a 5” gap at the bottom of the Lining and backstitch at each end of the seam. Clip your corners and trim any excess batting allowance.
  15. Pinch one of the outer corners so that the side seam is pressed against the bottom seam. Mark a line across the corner where the angle is 1 1/2” wide and sew on this line, backstitching at either end, to box the corner. Trim
    the corner 1/4” from the seam and clip the seam allowance at both ends. Repeat this step for the clutch’s three remaining corners.
  16. Turn the clutch Right Sides out through the gap in the Lining.
  17. Whipstitch the gap closed and hand-tack the corners in place, with the Lining sitting snugly against the Shell.
  18. Using the pattern on your quilting cotton as a reference, you’re going to stitch the tiny beads to the back of your clutch through both the Lining and the Shell. We set a cluster of three beads at the center of each ikat diamond.
  19. Thread your needle and knot the end; trim the excess thread very close to the knot. Feeding your needle from the inside of your clutch, tack the Shell to the Lining with two or three stitches on the spot at the center of the diamond nearest to one bottom corner of the purse.
  20. With the needle on the outside of the clutch, feed three tiny beads onto your thread and sew back through the Shell & Lining. Secure this stitch with two knots, but do not cut your thread.
  21. Pass your needle between the Lining & Shell of your clutch to the center of the next diamond along the bottom of the purse. Again, tack the Shell to the Lining, sew on a trio of beads and secure the stitch with a double knot.
  22. Repeat Steps 1 – 3 until you have sewn a trio of beads into the center of each ikat diamond.


The Spectrum Fat Quarter Bundle from Camelot Fabrics! Infused with sorbet-inspired colors of bright yellows, oranges, purples, and greens, this Spectrum FQ bundle from Camelot Fabrics includes 21 designs that will definitely quench your thirst for all things sweet and summery.

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