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Clever Craft Room Ideas: Organizing and Decorating

My own craft room consists of a pile of fabric in the corner, thrown haphazardly on top of a small table. It teeters sometimes, especially when I pull the one fabric I need from the bottom of the pile. Ribbons are knotted and jumbled together in a cardboard box (how not-cute), papers and paper scrap crafts are a pile on top of the desk, and the heating plate emanates a weird, burning smell when it gets plugged in… Needless to say, my craft room needs help. Desperate organization help. There are so many ways to organize craft rooms of all types. Mine is a combination of scrapbook, sewing, and canvas art. My mother’s mostly consists of goose egg ornaments (so there is literally glitter everywhere). You don’t have to sacrifice your money and your style to organize your craft room. There are a lot of ways to save money organizing and personalize these awesome methods. Just because you’re trying to keep your needles separate from your pins, doesn’t mean it you don’t have to match them.

Craft Room IdeasClever Craft Room Ideas: Organization and Decorating

DIY Storage BoxThis DIY storage box is my absolute favorite. It mimics the ones at stores like Target or Walmart. Except the ones at the store, often vary in size from season to season. I bought some for my freshman year of college, and bought more the year after at the same store, and the ones from the second year were smaller and didn’t have handles! Yes, they were the same brand, but I was so frustrated by different sized boxes. This handmade organizational box is the answer to all your OCD problems (or all my OCD problems…), since you get to use whatever fabric you want and it is a straightforward sewing project. This makes it easier to color coordinate to your craft room choice of colors.

Mounted-Sewing-Room-Idea_Large400_ID-767802If you’re having to decorate a small space, this wall-mounted storage option is a great way to free your floor and closet. You won’t be stepping over the random scrap pile that is next to the extra thread, and adjacent to the wired ribbons…you see where I’m going. These pockets give you the freedom to put everything away quickly and walk away from it. But why stop at the craft room for these wall organizers? These would be great in any kids room or garage for holding tools!

Here are some more craft room ideas…

Denim Fabric Basket

Roman Blind Tutorial

Scrappy Hot Pad

Cheap Fabric Box Tutorial

Denim Fabric Basket Tutorial

Wall Pocket Organizer

Hanging Makeup Roll (or brush/pencil/tool roll)

Bed Pockets Tutorial

If those don’t satisfy your organization-and-stylish taste, then you should check out these awesome ideas. They will make your crafting life so much easier, while not spending too much money!

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What are some of your tricks to save space in your craft room?