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5 Craft Room Ideas for the Clever Seamstress

Great craft room and sewing room ideas can transform even the smallest space in your home into a beautiful sanctuary for sewing. A well-organized craft and sewing room can easily up your creative game as it keeps your mind clear and focuses on your sewing endeavors instead of wasting time on figuring out where you left that specific thread color or small swatch of fabric. Before you start creating your own sewing room layout, check out some of these lovely and fab sewing room ideas. Using both seamstress-specific and general craft room ideas, the 5 inspirational rooms below are going to awe you right into longing for your own sewing space. 5 Craft Room Ideas for the Clever Seamstress has 5 rooms that are going to stun! Plus, if you’re looking for a short-term solution, we’ve compiled a list of some sewn fabric baskets to get your started on organizing in style. Just scroll all the way down to see them!

Stunning Craft Room Ideas

1. If you don’t have an entire room to dedicate to sewing in your home, why not create a tucked-away space inside a closet? I love how compact yet cute this space it. It is an organizer’s dream!

Small Space Craft Room Idea


2. This simple space has found an amazing way to store a massive amount of fabric. I love all the empty desk space.

Fabric Hoarders Craft Room Ideas


3. I love how the chandelier and printed zebra rug make this space extra funky.

Funky Craft Room Ideas



4. It is amazing what boxes and shelves can do to clutter. There’s so much in this space but it looks chic!

Clutter Bug Craft Room Ideas



5. This is the cutest little sewing nook. I love the combination of craft supplies and the Hello Kitty collection. Sewing room ideas that show your unique personality can really create a welcoming space.

Make it Yours Craft Room



Sewn Basket Patterns to Organize Right NOW

Not quite ready to spend the time, energy, and money on a brand new space? Well, you can transform your current sewing corner instantly by tucking away loose fabric and supplies into a box or sewn basket pattern.

Adorable Scrap Fabric Basket Oranizers   Denim Fabric Basket Tutorial

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  4. Denim Fabric Basket Tutorial
  5. Hanging Fabric Baskets or Pockets


What would your dream sewing room look like?