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Decorate Your Dorm: DIY Dorm Room Projects You Can Sew

Despite the fabulous portrayal of dorms in pop culture we all know that for the most part, you’re living in a small closet during your time at college. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing; a small space is easy to maintain and forces you to keep less. However, people don’t always keep less. Watching an incoming freshmen pack their room into their family car is as painful as watching a snake eat a mouse. To help control your stuffed room we’re presenting these dorm organization ideas that you can easily sew.

These DIY dorm ideas are a great solution for tight quarters. What does one do with all of those extra nick-knacks? Throw them away? Certainly not! Keep them stored securely in any one of these decorative organizers. This collection contains projects for all kinds of spaces. You might have zero closet space and no door; ergo, a hanging organizer would not be conducive to your dorm. Not to worry, this collection contains basic fabric boxes that you can make with ease.

In addition to items that might condense the amount of junk in a room, you’ll also find some cute and budget-friendly decor in this roundup. Learn how to make pillows, sheets, and even a sitting solution by simply browsing below.

DIY Dorm Room Projects You Can Sew


  1. Life Saving Collapsible Bin
  2. DIY Hanging Jewelry Organizer
  3. Handy Dandy Organizer
  4. Fabric Storage Boxes
  5. DIY T-Shirt Reconstruction Pillowcases
  6. DIY Fitted Bed Sheet
  7. Sewing Room Filing Pockets
  8. Dollar Store Recycled Rug Poufs
  9. Plastic Bag Dispensers
  10. No Sew Curtains from a Duvet
  11. Hanging Jewelry Holder
  12. Lickety Split Laundry Bag

Apart from looking great and functioning to you or your college-bound kid’s advantage, these DIY dorm decorating ideas are perfect in price. You’ve probably seen the inflated price tag on simple accessories at the store. If you have a fabric stash or the will to find some bargains, simply sew these yourself. Great as DIY gifts for a family friend, your kid, or yourself, these dorm ideas will surely save you space and money when prepping to head to school.

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