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Designer Showdown: Kate Spade and Vera Bradley

Throughout my life, I’ve been designer-addicted. Cute, girlish, and ultra-useful, two designers in particular–Kate Spade and Vera Bradley–have dominated my purse, bag, and travel accessory collection. Knock-off patterns from AllFreeSewing have helped me fuel this obsession on budget-friendly paths, and I can’t imagine my life without Kate Spade and Vera Bradley lending me their iconic aesthetics.

Designer Showdown: Kate Spade vs. Vera Bradley

In middle school, I fell in love with the playful floral quilting style of Vera Bradley. After a year of asking exclusively for Vera Bradley merchandise for every holiday and birthday, I had a Vera Bradley bag for every occasion. From sleepover duffles to day trip totes to colorfully quilted wallets I’d tuck in every purse, I was a verifiable fanatic. For high school graduation, my grandma even gifted me a Vera Bradley travel set that I still use to haul my (admittedly too large) closet back and forth from school. I even still use a 6-year-old yellow floral lanyard from Vera Bradley to carry my keys on.

My Kate Spade love story developed later, once I had gotten hooked on coffee in college, with the discovery of her black striped thermal coffee mug. Sleek and mature, I felt like I could take on the world (and maybe even final exams!) when I clutched that life-giving mug in my hands. With such a passionate entry into Kate Spade’s designing genius, I couldn’t stop there. Nautical totes, floral key fobs, and twirl-worthy midi skirts were soon to follow. Kate Spade allowed me to keep Vera Bradley’s youthful charm but with a New York-style sensibility that my 20-something self couldn’t resist.

My ardor for both designers got me thinking: is it possible to choose between Kate Spade and Vera Bradley?

You don’t even have to have a designer-worthy budget to make a decision. Check out these free Kate Spade and Vera Bradley sewing patterns to judge who you like best! After whipping up a few of these simple and stunning bag tutorials, you’ll have a designer collection without hurting your wallet.


Kate Spade Sewing Patterns

Sleek, flirty, and mature, the neat and flirtatious patterns of Kate Spade’s collections will have any woman on the go ready to take on her day in style. These durable and lovely patterns will make you feel like you’re both powerful and feminine whether you’re off to a job interview or to a first date. They’re the perfect balance of elegant and playful to complete any ensemble. If you love clean lines, nautical influence, and adorable polka dot patterns, then you’re a Kate Spade fan, through and through.

DIY Kate Spade Key Fob

Kate Spade Pattern #1

Kate Spade Pattern #2

Kate Spade Pattern #3

Kate Spade Pattern #4

Kate Spade Pattern #5

Kate Spade Pattern #6

Kate Spade Pattern #7

Vera Bradley Sewing Patterns

With feminine floral prints and classically quilted surfaces, Vera Bradley designs look fabulous on any age. Little girls starting off their accessorization escapades, college fashionistas, and hip grandmas all fall in love with these eye-catching pieces. Whether you’re donning a paisley backpack or hooking a rose-patterned crossbody bag across your torso, it’s impossible not to smile when you’re wearing a Vera Bradley piece. Embrace your girlish whimsy with these lovely and simple Vera Bradley sewing patterns.

One Yard Pixie Hexie Wallet

Vera Bradley Pattern #1

Vera Bradley Pattern #2

Vera Bradley Pattern #3

Vera Bradley Pattern #4

Vera Bradley Pattern #5

Vera Bradley Pattern #6

Vera Bradley Pattern #7


Which designer do you like best? Let us know below in the comments!