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Downton Abbey Inspired Tea Party: 3 Vintage Craft Ideas

Downton Abbey may be coming to an end at the beginning of March, but we’ll forever remember how much we love the elegant, vintage aesthetic. We decided that a show so wonderful needed to go out in style, so what did we do? We teamed up with RecipeChatter and threw ourselves a little Downton Abbey-inspired tea party, complete with easy DIY Downton Abbey inspired crafts! First, check out our video and see how to throw a tea party. Then scroll down – we’ll show you how to make the DIY floral table centerpiece, the easy table runner, and the no-sew napkins in a snap! You can have a blast throwing your own tea party, whether it’s to celebrate Downton Abbey’s great run or just for fun! For the vintage dessert recipes, head over to the RecipeChatter blog!

Downton Abbey Inspired Bouquet Candelabra Centerpiece


  1. Trim flower stems so there is only about 3-4″ of stem remaining.
  2. Gather flowers into four small bouquets. Secure together with floral twine.
  3. Arrange smaller bouquets together around the center pillar of the candelabra. Secure with floral twine.
  4. If necessary, fluff out flowers so as to obscure stems.
  5. For an optional added decoration, drape fake pearls around the candelabra and in the flowers as a final touch.

WARNING: Fake flowers are flammable. If you decide to light your candles, please do not leave centerpiece unattended.

Downton Abbey Inspired DIY Table Runner

This no-sew table runner adds a touch of vintage elegance to any gathering. In just a few simple steps, you’ll learn how to make a table runner that’s quick and easy – perfect for a last-minute occasion.

Easy No-Sew Table RunnerMaterials:


  1. Lay lace fabric out in the center of your table. Fold so that scalloped edge is visible on both sides of the table runner.
  2. Lay tulle fabric on top of lace.
  3. At each end, bunch fabric together and tie with a ribbon.

Downton Abbey Inspired DIY Napkins

Take your cloth napkins to the next level with this no-sew napkin tutorial. We’ll show you how to add lace trim to any plain napkin for an elegant look that immediately dresses up your table decor.

DIY No-Sew Lace NapkinsMaterials:


  1. Cut lace trim to the length of one side of your napkin.
  2. Cut adhesive into a strip the length of your lace.
  3. Iron adhesive to the lace.
  4. Peel off paper backing, then iron lace and adhesive onto the napkin.
  5. Repeat steps 1-4 for the side adjacent to the one you just did.

You should end up with lace on two sides of each napkin. When folded, lace will be displayed on edges.

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