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13 Enchanting Charm Pack Projects

Everyone’s talking about charm pack projects in quilting.

If you’re new to charm packs, your first instinct might be to think of Lucky Charms (the cereal). At least that’s what I did.

But charm packs are little nuggets of amazing-ness in the quilting world. A charm pack is basically a package of pre-cut 5″ quilt blocks that you can buy at any fabric store. Sewing with charm packs saves you a lot of time because you don’t need to cut out your own quilt blocks. Charm packs are also fantastic because the package comes with a variety of fabrics. When you buy by the bolt, you might waste a bunch of fabric. With charm packs, though, you’ll be efficient and eliminate waste.

This blog post features the best ever 13 Enchanting Charm Pack Projects. After you finish, you’ll find a little pot of gold in your heart.

Light and Bright Charm Pack Quilts

Simple and Sweet Bricks QuiltSee what the fuss is about with these easy charm pack quilts. With charm packs, 75% of the work is already done for you. What a piece of cake!

1. Simple and Sweet Bricks Quilt

2. Block in a Block Rag Quilt

3. Sweet Sew and Tell Charm Quilt

4. Framed and Mini Framed Quilts

5. Pez-O-Rama Queen-Sized Quilt


Link Love: Charm Pack Quilts for Baby

Prim and Preppy Baby QuiltThese bloggers have awesome ideas for baby quilts. We love reaching out to dedicated quilters in the community because it reminds us why we love quilting so much. Check them out! These quilts are definitely drool-worthy.

1. Prim and Preppy Baby Quilt by Kellie

2. Lucky Charms Baby Quilt by Amy

3. Baby Boy’s Tetris Charm Pack Quilt by Allison

4. Colors of the Rainbow Baby Quilt by Rebecca

5. Honk, Honk Charm Pack Baby Quilt by Jera


Link Love: Cool Charm Pack Ideas

Pretty Patchwork Charm Pack Skirt

Sometimes you don’t know what to make. We totally get it, and don’t sweat it. These cool charm pack ideas will inspire you to infinity and beyond. These bloggers are so hot right now, too.

1. Pretty Patchwork Charm Pack Skirt by Melissa

2. Showstopper’s Charm Pack Quilt Bag by Teresa

3. Children’s Charm Pack Apron by Mary

4. Mini Charm Pack Baby Bib by Jana


What Charm Pack Projects Have You Worked on Lately? Comment Below!

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