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Everything You Need to Know About Pre-Cuts

Today we are bringing you a pair of handy infographics that are perfect for the quilters out there.  First, learn 10 ways to cut a fat quarter, so you won’t waste a single scrap of that coveted piece of fabric.  Just in case you have ever wondered “how many squares can I cut from a fat quarter?” you’ll never have to wonder anymore.

10 Ways to Cut a Fat Quarter

  1. Six 6.5″ squares
  2. Nine 6″ squares
  3. Twelve 5.5″ squares
  4. Twelve 5″ squares
  5. Sixteen 4.5″ squares
  6. Twenty 4″ squares
  7. Thirty 3.5″ squares
  8. Forty-two 3″ squares
  9. Fifty-Six 2.5″ squares
  10. Ninety-Nine 2″ squares

Have you ever wondered about those pre-cut bundles of fabric that you see at the store?  Use this free printable explain everything for you.  Print it out and you’ll always have the information handy.

Each of these images, when clicked, will open in a new window, ready for you to print and pin up next to your cutting table, so you’ll never forget everything you need to know about pre-cut fabrics.

What size pre-cut do you use most often?

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