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The Best DIY Tote Bag Patterns for Fall

Fall to me has always meant going on adventures, whether they be weekend road trips or just a jaunt in the park down the street. Things on my autumn to-do list usually include apple picking, pumpkin patch-ing, corn maze-ing, and finding a fun hayride – I know, all cliches, but they’re classics for a reason! The problem with adventures is that things sometimes go awry. Knees are scraped, weather changes, and any number of little emergencies tend to pop up when I’m away from home. That’s why I like carrying tote bags if I’m making a day of it – they can fit all of my essentials without looking bulky!

I’ve gathered up 12 of our best DIY tote bag patterns for fall. If you’re looking to start in on some easy sewing projects or just wanting to whip something up in a hurry, you’re sure to find a tote you love on this list!

DIY Tote Bags

DIY Tote BagSimple and Stylish Tote Bags

If you want fashion without all the fuss, these easy DIY tote bags are for you! They’re quick to make but still totally on-trend for fall. Don’t stress over style – even a beginner can learn how to sew these bags!
Champagne Supernova DIY Tote Bag

Rock n’ Roll Tote Bag Pattern
Fashionable Travel Tote
Hand-Stamped Tote Bag

Quilt-Inspired Tote Bags

If you love the look of a quilt but don’t have time for a big project like that, you’ll love these simple tote bag patterns. You can have all the fun of a patchwork quilt with only a fraction of the work!
Fat Quarter Tote Bag
Upcycled DIY Tote BagPatchwork DIY Tote Bag
DIY Fat Quarter Bag
Patched Tote Bag

Upcycled DIY Tote Bags

It’s always the best feeling when you can turn something old into something new. These easy bag patterns use other items to create a tote-ally new style!
Around Town Tiny Tote
Fold-Over Tote Pattern
Upcycled Sweatshirt Tote Bag
Thrifty Tablecloth Tote Bag

What kind of bag are you loving for fall?