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Gorgeous 70 x 90 Bed Quilt Patterns

Does anyone here have a family quilt that’s been passed down through the generations? I know I do! There’s nothing like the gift of a bed quilt made by loving hands. At the same time, it’s also wonderful to gift yourself a bed quilt! You get to snuggle up every night with the work of your own hands. There’s nothing more satisfying than that! But before you get to have a quilt, you have to make one. That’s why we’ve collected these Gorgeous 70 x 90 Bed Quilt Patterns.

70 x 90 is almost the perfect dimensions for a bed quilt. It will comfortably fit any twin-sized bed, so a 70 x 90 quilt is perfect for your kids, whether they’re five years old or if they’re moving off to college. Each of these stunningly gorgeous bed quilt patterns is very near to 70 inches by 90 inches or 70 x 90 on the dot. The colors and patterns will delight you and your whole family. Whether you’re an expert quilter or if you’re just starting, there will be a bed quilt pattern here for you.

70x90 Bed Quilt Patterns

70 x 90 Bed Quilt Patterns

70 x 90 Bed Quilt Patterns

Any of these bed quilt patterns is sure to become a new family classic. If you want more fantastic bed quilt patterns, make sure to go over to FaveQuilts.com for hundreds of free patterns!

70 x 90 – Scrappy X Plus Quilt Tutorial (shown above)

75 x 90 – A Lotta Nines Irish Chain Quilt (shown above)

70 x 86 – Twin Size Circle Quilt (shown above)

72 x 90 – Patchwork Pinwheel Quilt (shown above)

Half Log Cabin Quilt Pattern

Half Log Cabin Quilt Pattern

74 x 90 –
Half Log Cabin Quilt Pattern (shown left)

72 x 90 – Huge Flying Geese with Layer Cakes Quilt

74 x 90 – Scrap Happy Nine Patch Quilt Pattern

70 x 88 – Quirky Colored Chevron Stripe Quilt

74 x 92 – Zig Zag Bargello Quilt

70 x 89 – DJ Jelly Roll Quilt Pattern

What are your favorite quilt-related memories? Tell us about them in the comments!