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Halloween Costumes Fit for Royalty

Goodness, it’s almost Halloween, isn’t it? I’ve been so preoccupied with my Christmas sewing projects that I haven’t even thought about the fall holiday projects. I’ve always been such an oddball. Ever since I was a little, I was defying stereotypes and gender-normalities. The world and society kept telling me put on pretty dresses and I just wanted to climb a tree.

That said, I was always the girl who wanted to get dirty. Kids attract mud and grime on a daily basis to begin with, but I just didn’t want to act like a girl. My mom desperately tried to dress me up in fairy costumes, take ballet lessons, and dress me in homemade dresses for girls. Well, I can tell you that I tore those fairy wings off, I sat in a corner during my ballet class, and I would wear homemade shorts underneath those dresses with gym shoes and a lopsided ponytail. As an adult, I’m a little half and half of what my mother wanted. Do I like to dress up and play with makeup? Yes, but I also like to wear jeans and get muddy.


If your children are anything like I was, then you may want to save yourself some hair-pulling by not forcing them into something they don’t want to wear. It’s almost Halloween! It’s the one time of year where we can dress up as whatever we want to be, real or magical, and parade around demanding candy for our efforts. Most girls are still in the Frozen-craze, so maybe some cute Frozen inspired costumes will be occupying your mind for the next couple months.

Although I always still have my moments when I fangirl over my favorite Disney princesses and Walt’s ingenuity. I feel like every girl goes through a period where all she wants in life is to be a princess. Being a history buff, people want the monarchy for all sorts of reasons, but at the root of it all they want to have power. With children, they aren’t tainted with the thoughts of power, money, and social status. A little girl wants to be a princess simply because they get to wear pretty dresses.

Halloween Costumes Fit for Royalty

Sparkly Mermaid Tail

Cinderella Costume

Fairy Light Princess Dress

Frozen Inspired Princess Anna Costume

How to Make Anna’s Cape

Snow White Costume

Tinker Bell Costume

Upcycler’s Dream DIY Elsa Dress

Dress for Elsa

Anna’s Coronation Dress Pattern

No Sew Tulle Mermaid Costume

Rapunzel Halloween Costume Hair

One Hour Mermaid Costume

If you have a little prince, check out this adorable prince charming costume.

What was your favorite Halloween costume when you were a kid? Let us know below in the comments!

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