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Halloween Fabric Candy Garland

Hi! Stephanie from Swoodson Says here – I’m sharing a super quick fabric scrap Halloween garland. It took me less than a hour to make this but I love how it turned out! I’m all about fast and easy holiday sewing – we just pulled out the handmade astronaut costume I made my son and it took me about the same amount of time as this.


I draped it over my dry-erase wall calendar, but that wasn’t very picturesque so I stuck it on this nice blank wall. This would be fun to drape on a door or over a mantel, too!

Fabric scraps are used inside to fill the circles but you could easily use them for the outside as well since it doesn’t require much yardage. I could see this being sewn  up with holiday fabric too – perfect for Valentine’s Day or Christmas!




  1. Tear off about 5″ of foil  and lay it out, placing a golf-ball size amount of fabric scraps at the bottom. Roll it up and smoosh it into a ball. Repeat for as many balls as you want (I made 6), comparing them so they’re similar sizes. If one is too small, just add a little more foil around the outside.


2. Cut the fabric into rectangles measuring 5.5″ wide X 6.5″ tall. Lay the foil ball in the middle and roll up evenly.


3. Pinch one side and hand sew a few stitches to tack it down, take a few stitches along the back to hold the long open edge down and then come from behind to add a few more stitches on the other side. Tie off in a knot, repeat for all candy pieces.


4.Use pinking shears to trim the ends so all the lengths match.


5. Cut a long piece of thread  and use the darning needle to sew all the pieces together! You can push straight through each end, but I found it easier to make a small stitch on each end. Tie it up and enjoy!


Ta-da! Hang up your garland (I use clear push-pins) and enjoy for the rest of October.