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Hang onto Your Hotcakes with these DIY Potholders

As I get adjusted to my new apartment and my new responsibilities as an “official” adult, every day I’m finding little items that I need to function that I have taken advantage of. I never would have thought to buy a whisk until I was cooking homemade mac and cheese. I never would have thought to buy a safe extension cord that would save my computer from being fried in a storm. There are so many other little things that I have collected over the past six months that I’ve had to “add it to the list” of the kitchen things I need. The second night in my new home, however, I quickly figured out the importance of potholders.


Luckily, my grandma has handed down a ton of her own DIY potholders now; however, at the time of realization of “I need a potholder,” I was staring at my dinner in the oven, watching it turn browner and browner by the second as I tried to think of what I could use to get it out without burning myself. Having a high pain tolerance comes in handy sometimes. I ended up using a gardening glove and got it out just fine. Yes, the temptation to just pull it out bare-handed went through my head. No, I’m not ditzy enough to even try that.

I hope you never have to come to that point in your life. Even if you’ve been taking on the adult world for many years, potholders are such a handy kitchen item that they can be used for so many things. You can never have enough of them because they eventually wear thin and stop doing their job. Another awesome reason to have a plethora of homemade potholders is that they are easy and simple holiday decorations that can be interchanged. You won’t have to collect a whole bunch of different decorative items just to make your home feel festive.

These cute potholders are super easy to make, and they’re a great scrap project you can make. Gather all your old sewing project scraps and make some of these fun potholders! If you already have been hoarding your own, then they would make a great newlywed gift or a college graduation gift. That way you can personalize them with some monogram patterns, and they’re a thoughtful gesture.

Hang onto Your Hotcakes with these DIY Potholders

Grandma’s Secret Recipe Potholders

Scraptacular Potholder Pocket

Round Hot Pads Tutorial

Campy Pot Holder Pattern

Scrappy Hot Pad

Polka Dot Pot Holders

Double Potholder Tutorial

Country Kitchen Quilted Potholders

Notebook Potholder

Fat Quarter Potholder

What is your favorite project to make with your scrap fabric? Let us know below in the comments!

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