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20 Homemade Doll Clothes and Accessories That You Need to Make!

I remember when I first got my American Girl Doll. I was probably about seven or eight years old, and my grandparents had given them to us for Christmas. I had received Kit, my younger sister got Samantha, and my older sister had gotten a personalized one. My younger sister and I absolutely loved those dolls.

I eventually got Kristen to add to the collection. Back in my day, American Girl Dolls were about $85 each, not to mention you absolutely had to get the clothes that went along with each book. Suffice it to say, they were so incredibly expensive. Luckily, my grandma has expert sewing skills, so she quickly whipped up cute doll clothes patterns for me and my sisters out of her old scraps.

She was constantly sewing clothes and homemade dresses for all the grandkids, so it was just perfect when she would make us matching outfits. It was always incredible because she would make us cute DIY shorts, homemade girls dresses, and crocheted cardigans that would match our dolls.

For more ideas like these, be sure to check out 35 Free Doll Clothes Patterns and DIY Accessories on AllFreeSewing!

DIY Doll clothes

Your little kids is going to love these cute doll clothes for their best friend. They are great beginner sewing patterns if you’re new to sewing because they use very little fabric and can either be hand-sewn or machine stitched. I love that a lot of these easy sewing patterns are patterns that coincide with a time period. Some of the lacy skirts are reminiscent of Victorian- and Regency-era clothing. They’re super pretty and frilly!

I don’t have kids right now, but one day, my daughter shall inherit my American Girl Dolls. Yes, they are in pristine condition—I took such good care of those things. And at that time, I will be sewing so many doll clothes for her and her doll. Matching outfits are the cutest thing, and whoever thought of it for the child/doll pair is profiting hardcore on it. These patterns can easily be made out of some old scrap projects and if you’re looking to upcycle clothes.

These doll outfits would also make great birthday or Christmas gift ideas. If you’re stumped as to what to get your child, then make her some cute homemade doll clothes. She will love the unique outfits for her favorite honey. An even better idea would be to address the presents to the doll on Christmas or your child’s birthday!

20 Homemade Doll Clothes and Accessories


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Who was your favorite doll, and what is the most memorable about her/him? Let us know below in the comments!

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