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How to Make a Baby Quilt: 10 Unisex Baby Quilts

Baby quilts are, without a doubt, some of the most popular and easiest projects in the quilting world. They take much less time to make than a full bed quilt and come in thousands of adorable patterns, prints, and colors. While several quilt patterns are created specifically boys or girls, it can be much harder to find gender neutral quilt patterns. Unisex or gender neutral baby quilts are great DIY baby shower gifts, especially if the parents-to-be aren’t revealing the baby’s gender until after the birth, which can sometimes make it harder to find the perfect gift. Unisex baby quilts are also wonderful for modern and colorful nurseries or are a fantastic idea if you’re bored with plain blue and pink options. Our readers loved our post last year on unisex baby quilts, which you can read here.

How to Make a Baby Quilt: 10 Unisex Baby Quilts

This year, FaveQuilts is bringing you our 10 newest and best gender neutral baby quilt options. These quilt projects, tutorials, and patterns are perfect for boys or girls and come in tons of great colors that will look completely charming any nursery. These quilts range from more traditional patterns in bright colors to geometrically-pleasing modern quilts (p.s. If you’re searching for even more great modern quilts, then be sure to check out our collection of popular modern quilt patterns). So choose the most adorable baby quilt that speaks to you from this list of unisex baby quilts and get to quilting!

Do you have a favorite quilt in this list? Do you have some awesome gender neutral baby shower tips of your own? Be sure to leave a comment below!

How to Make a Baby Quilt: 10 Unisex Baby Quilts

Citrus Mint Baby Quilt

This pretty quilt is perfect for any baby!

1. Supersonic Triangle Baby Quilt

2.  Elephant Parade Quilt PatternToo Cute to Handle!

3.  Gradient Wildwood Baby QuiltGreat Traditional Quilt!

4.  Citrus Mint Baby Quilt

5.  Zippy Rainbow Baby Quilt

Retro Plaid Quilt Pattern

Our readers can’t get enough of this modern quilt pattern!

6.  Retro Plaid Quilt PatternOne of Our Most Popular Patterns!

7.  One Hour Hexagon Baby Quilt

8.  Twin Fox Quilt PatternModern and Chic!

9.  Modern Monotone HST Baby Quilt

10.  Deep Blue Sea QuiltBright and Bold!

Which of these unisex quilts is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!