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How to Make a Dresden Plate Pillow Scarf

It’s me again, Quilting Friends—Carolyn Wainscott—with a different use for our old favorite traditional quilt block, the Dresden Plate.  The first quilt my mother made when she retired from teaching and learning quilting was the Dresden Plate. My project today is “How To Make A Dresden Plate Pillow Scarf.”  I much prefer a pillow scarf over pillow shams because it is easier to throw the scarf over my pillows than to wrestle with the shams.

The Dresden Plate Pillow Scarf was made mostly of scraps left over from the Dresden Quilt. The fabrics were two coordinating prints with a matching border print. I’ll have to tell you about my love affair with border prints some time. I pick up every one I find that I really like, whether I have an immediate use for it or not.

Here are the measurements for the Dresden Plate Pillow Scarf

Dresden Plate Pillow Scarf measurements-pdf

measurements given are finished sizes, add 1/2″ for cut size (as:for 6″ block-cut 6 1/2″, etc.)

 the traditional Dresden Plate quilt block pattern:

Dresden plate templates-cut 20 (2)

How To Make A Dresden Plate Pillow Scarf

  1. Cut 20 petals for each Dresden Plate
  2. Fold in half lengthwise, sew tops to form points as per video:                                   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R0jt_K0GcvM
  3. Chain piece petals together to form Dresden Plate appliques
  4. Applique onto 14″ squares, sew center circle on each Dresden Plate
  5. Using Measurement guide: Piece together top row, middle Dresden Plate row, bottom row
  6. Sew rows together

Your Dresden Plate Pillow Scarf is ready for backing and quilting if desired. Use general quilting guidelines for construction: 1/4″ seams and pressing each seam before crossing with another seam.

The pillow scarf would make a nice table runner also, don’t you think?

The queen size Dresden Plate quilt was featured on a sister site, Fave Quilts, almost eight years ago at https://www.favequilts.com/Techniques-and-Videos/Video-Tutorial-How-to-Make-a-Dresden-Plate-Quilt. I can’t believe it has been that long ago and I’m just now getting around to finishing the matching Dresden Plate Pillow Scarf. It was almost completely done, but, as I have a habit in doing, it got stuck in the “do it later” shelf.

Happy quilting, everyone!

Carolyn Wainscott


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