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10 Ways to Refashion Outdated Menswear into Things You’ll Actually Use

If any of you have men in your life like my father and grandfather, you know that it can be difficult to get guys to give up their old, ratty shirts. My dad actively flaunts some shirts he’s had from before the time I was born, and I’m twenty two years old. Yeah…I’ve pretty much got the fashion police on speed dial. Luckily, we’ve got some handy dandy options for anyone with a dad, husband, brother, or even roommate who just can’t let go of those old shirts, ties, and even suit coats! There are dozens of ways to refashion outdated clothing into things you actually need–like aprons, skirts, place mats, necklaces, a tablet case, and more. So, quick! While he’s out running errands or at work, zip into his closet, grab the contraband and get sewing! Let’s be honest…he might not even notice those old shirts are gone.

Easy Refashioning Projects Using Menswear

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Men’s Shirt Apron

Boy’s Button Up into Girl’s Top With Tie

Denim Placemats –Do away with old jeans!

Necktie Refashion into Necklace or Wallet

Dad’s Tie Gadget Case

Little Man Diaper Clutch–Made from a SUIT COAT!

Sweater Leg Warmers

Skirt from Men’s Button Down

Adorable Men’s Shirt Dress

DIY Side Gathered Shirt from Men’s Shirt

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