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Halloween Costumes for Kids You Can Start Making Right NOW

When you’re still sweating in the summer heat (enjoy it while it lasts!), October can seem pretty far away. But trust us—Halloween will be on you in no time, so if you want to make a DIY Halloween costume this year, get started now. You’ll thank yourself at ten pm on October 30, when you’re sitting on the couch watching classic horror films or It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown instead of picking out stitches on a sequined dinosaur costume that seemed like a great idea at the time. You can avoid a lot of last-minute hassle by getting out your sewing machine early this year.

Halloween-CollageAs far as Halloween costume ideas go, you’ll find you’ve got a lot of options. Are you in a rush because you waited until late October to start sewing? (See, we told you Halloween would sneak up fast!) These quick horns or a magical mask will add a little scare to any costume. Want to show off your fabulous skills? This gorgeous Cinderella costume is a fun sewing challenge. Or are you a busy parent whose sewing machine comes out once a year for costume-making? This easy pillowcase ghost dress is the answer to your prayers. Even if you don’t have any little tykes around to make costumes for, you can still sew for yourself! Wear a costume when you hand out candy, and you’ll have as much fun as the trick-or-treaters. (Because, really, are you ever too old to dress up for Halloween? We think not.)

mummycostume2aWhether you’re a new sewist, a once-a-year sewist, or an old sewing hand, you’ll find a costume you love among these sewing projects. Get ready to learn how to learn how to make Halloween costumes of all types: TV-inspired, whimsical, timely (minions!), classic–they’re all here! Sewing your own costumes instead of buying them from the store is a great money-saver, and it gives you the chance to change up colors and details to create a Halloween costume that’s a dream come true for your trick-or-treater (or for you!).

And of course there’s more to Halloween than just costumes! I love to hang a little fake spiderweb around the door, but this year I’m going all out with scary sewing accessories and maybe trying my hand at Halloween crochet. So, what about it? Are you feeling ready for the spookiest holiday of the year? Are you excited to make Halloween costumes? Then get sewing!


Halloween Costumes for Kids You Can Start Making Right NOW



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What costume will you make this Halloween?