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Tips and Tricks Tuesday: Sewing Maternity Jeans

Tips and Tricks TuesdayWe’ve all come to that point in our lives where we slip on our favorite pair of jeans, go to button them, but somehow, they shrunk. No, maybe we grew… You scream. Whether on the inside or the outside is dependent on your personality, but now you can’t wear those jeans that used to make you feel so good. If you wear them now, they will make you feel so very bad. In these situations, I either tie myself to a treadmill until they fit again, wear them and a loose shirt to cover any bulge, or adjust the waistband. Since I’m still struggling with beginner patterns, I usually go with one of the first two options. I tried to alter my jeans once, and I ended up using them for a scrap project and a homemade jean quilt. Sure, I can quilt a little bit, but I can’t take out a pair of jeans? I don’t even know what level of sewing skills I have.

How to Sew Maternity Jeans

Some of you lovely ladies didn’t just gain a little extra love, you are making a little person. Congrats! For that reason, you don’t need to feel the panic when you can’t button your jeans anymore. Yeah, I’m sure it still stinks, but it is to be expected since you are expecting. That’s why this easy tutorial from Create Studio is awesome. This is a simple way to sew elastic into your jeans so they are fit, comfy, and you can feel dressed up a little bit.

Personally, I don’t have children, but I have lots of friends who already have kids and they swear by the maternity jeans. They said it was nice wearing real clothes for once besides yoga pants, leggings, and maxi-skirts all the time. Although, I did sew a lot of homemade shorts, DIY dresses, and maternity tops. (Those clothes are so expensive!) Here is one less thing you have to worry about before Baby comes along. 🙂

Easy DIY Maternity Jeans

By Sarah from Create StudioSewing Maternity Jeans


  • A pair of jeans that are one size too big for you when you aren’t pregnant (and that you’re just about able to slip over your hips when they are unbuttoned but not unzipped)
  • A tight fitting stretchy shirt (mine was a well-loved shirt from Banana Republic until it got bleached…opps!)
  • Scissors
  • Seam ripper
  • Sewing Machine and pins


1. Start by locating the side seam that runs from the outside of your ankle to your hip. Cut the waist band of your jeans on the inside of that seam (closer to the zipper) on both sides. Then use your seam ripper to remove the waist band in the front only. This is very important.


2. Once the waist band is removed, make sure the zipper is all the way up and grab your stretchy t-shirt. Cut a rectangle portion of your shirt that is as long as the distance from one hip to the other hip of your jeans and about 6 inches wide.


3. Sew the stretchy shirt to the front of your jeans, with the raw edge exposed at the top (don’t worry, we’ll cover that edge up later). In the picture below, you’ll see the raw edge above the stitches where I’m pointing.


4. Sew the shirt to the side of the back waist band that we left in tact. First, you’ll fold a small portion of the shirt inwards.


5. Then flip the shirt up, pin the side in place and sew that portion. You’ll want to slip the pants on at this point to do the final pinning. Fold the shirt panel in 1/3 of the way and then 1/3 of the way again so that the raw edge of the shirt is tucked away in the back. Pin this new panel in place and take the pants off.


6. The folded portion of the shirt panel is now tucked inside the pants and you just have to finish by sewing this down.


What was your favorite piece to wear when you were pregnant?