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How to Sew: Free Tutorials and Easy Sewing Projects for Beginners

Are you a brand new Sewist? Welcome! We hope you’re enjoying yourself so far…and we also know it can be a little crazy when you’re just starting out. This is a post filled with simple patterns and easy sewing tutorials for beginners. Don’t know how wind a bobbin or how to thread a sewing machine? Don’t sweat it. Everyone must learn–and no one was good at it at first, regardless of what they tell you.

Welcome to the world, baby Sewist. You’ll be strutting your stuff in your newly sewn dresses, bags, and pants in no time at all.


Sewing Tutorials for Beginners

Here is a list nearly all the basics you’ll need. We’ll teach you the lingo, you’ll learn how to identify needles! We’ll even introduce you to each part of your machine and walk you through your very first stitches. It’s gonna be a good afternoon.

Glossary of Sewing Terms — AKA, your bible!

How to Use a Sewing Machine: Getting Comfortable — Get acquainted with your machine!

Sewing Machine Maintenance: How to Thread a Sewing Machine

How to Wind a Bobbin

How to Replace a Needle

How to Stitch: Stitching Basics

Look at you! You’re ready to begin! Not only will you be able to make scarves, fabric flowers, bags, and more, but you’ll have an awesome new skill–SEWING!–that will only make your life easier.

Upsides to being able to sew:

1. You always have the cutest gifts to give your friends. You become responsible for all of the compliments they receive. You become their king or queen.

2. Your clothing expresses your personal style…so perfectly it’s almost eerie

3. Fixing snags or tears becomes so easy it’s almost as if you have super powers. Then, you look around at your coordinated outfits. You gaze out at your throngs of followers–AHEM, friends–and realize that yes….you do have super powers. All because of that day you read a blog post on Seams and Scissors and bonded with your sewing machine…

Sewing Projects for Beginners

In all seriousness, though, here are some sewing projects we’re sure will make learning easy and also cultivate a lifelong love for fabric, patterns, and projects. They’re the perfect combo of simple and cute.

Simple Summer Tote

Insanely Beautiful Infinity Scarf

Simple Baby Burp Cloths

Ten Minute Pillowcase Apron

Really Easy Flowers


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Which aspect of learning how to sew excites you the most?