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How to Use Your Precuts

Any quilter or sewing enthusiast knows that purchasing fabric can easily become very expensive. How many times have you found a gorgeous fabric that you’re dying to use, only to find that it’s sadly beyond your budget? That’s why so many quilters turn to precut fabrics. Precuts are typically much more budget-friendly than buying individual yards of fabric, and they come with cute prints and patterns in gorgeous colors. The best part about precuts is that it’s incredibly easy to use them in quilt patterns and projects; smaller precuts like charm packs are great for patterns that require HSTs (half-square triangles) while larger precuts like jelly rolls and layer cakes are excellent for strip quilts.

However, if you’re new to quilting, it can be hard to keep track of all of the different precuts, especially those lovely precuts with fun dessert names. If you can never keep track of the difference between a layer cake or a jelly roll, then never fear, because FaveQuilts is here to save the day with our guide to precuts. From common precuts like charm packs to lesser known precuts like jolly bars, we’ve created a useful guide to keeping your precuts straight, and have added a few of our favorite precut patterns as well. Here’s wishing you happy quilting!

Precut Guide

*Note: Honey buns are not included on this list. Honey buns are smaller than jelly rolls and typically measure 1.5″ x 44″. They’re also great for strip quilts and similar projects!

Be sure to check out some of our favorite precut patterns below!

Charm Pack Patterns

Jelly Roll Patterns

Layer Cake Patterns

Fat Quarter Patterns

BONUS!  Tri-Me Honey Bun Quilt

What’s your favorite precut? Let us know below in the comments!