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#SewOrganized: Inspiration for Your Sewing Space

Now that the holidays are over and spring is just around the corner, you may be getting in the mood to get a little decluttering done. Sometimes, though, the task is just so daunting that it’s hard to know where to begin. To get you fired up, I’ve rounded up pics of 5 of the most gorgeous sewing studios out there. Once you see what kinds of spaces are possible, you’ll definitely want to get your own craft room into shape! Scroll down and get inspired!

sewing room inspiration#SewOrganized: Inspiration for Your Sewing Space

1. Heather Bailey

Isaac Bailey Photography
(photo from Isaac Bailey Photography – heatherbailey.typepad.com)

Heather’s sewing space features soft, sweet colors that perfectly match the mood of her floral designs. We love the ribbon rack hanging under the shelf in the back!

2. The Mouse House

the mouse house(photo from welcometothemousehouse.com)

What I love most about this room is that you can get this clean pastel look by simply re-painting some furniture you already have. White walls go a long way towards making the room brighter!

3. Olabelhe

olabelhe(photo from olabelhe.blogspot.com)

Olabelhe’s studio is super-organized. You can get this look by being sure to put labels on the front of all of your containersno more wondering which box you put the thimbles in!

4. Tasha Horsley

tasha horsley(photo from tashahorsley.typepad.com)

This is probably my favorite of all of themI love the combination of mint green and red! By keeping most of the decor color scheme unified, you hardly even notice that the fabric doesn’t all match. And who wants to stick with only a few colors of fabric, anyway?

5. The Cottage Mama

the cottage mama(photo from thecottagemama.com)

How relaxing is THIS gorgeous studio? Can you imagine sewing in front of those huge windows? I’d probably stay there all day! The Cottage Mama definitely knows what she’s doing.

Now that you’re feeling inspired, check out these tutorials to find out easy ways to revamp YOUR sewing space! Sometimes a little change can go a long way!

What does your sewing space look like? Let us know below in the comments!