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We Love Precuts: 13 Jelly Roll Quilt Patterns

Precuts definitely make the quilting world go ’round. Cutting your own fabric can certainly be rewarding, but it takes the kind of time and precision that the average quilter just doesn’t have. Buying precuts takes the guesswork out of the cutting process and also out of finding fabrics that work well together – they’re already sold in coordinating colors and patterns! Of course, we at Seams and Scissors love all precuts equally, but today we’re going to focus on the most mouthwatering of them all: the jelly roll! (Anyone else get a little hungry just thinking those words? No?)

Here’s a quick and convenient list of 13 free quilt patterns that all use jelly rolls to complete. Grab your precuts, pick your favorite, and let’s get quilting!

jelly roll quiltsWe ♥ Precuts: 13 Jelly Roll Quilt Patterns

Sugar Almonds Jelly Roll Pattern – This quilt is so pretty on top of having a sweet name.

Magic Jelly Roll Quilt – You can finish the cutting and piecing of this quilt in just a few hours!

Jelly Roll Braid Quilt – The braided pattern of this quilt is truly eye-catching.

In-n-Out Jelly Roll Braid Quilt – This quilt is so cute! Bright colors make for a fun pop in any room.

Hugs n’ Kisses Quilt – The circle design of this quilt really stands out!

Striped Chevron Baby Quilt – Chevron never goes out of style.

Cinched Jelly Roll Quilt – The block accents in this quilt mean it takes less time to put together.

DJ Jelly Roll Pattern – The name of this quilt comes from the fact that the pattern resembles sound levels!

Salt Air Crossing Quilt – This quilt will have you longing for the seaside.

Raggedy Basketweave Quilt – Combining a few quilting techniques will leave you with this gorgeous quilt.

Rail Fence Picnic Quilt – The perfect quilt for a picnic in the park!

Pieces of the Puzzle Quilt – This jelly roll quilt pattern resembles a puzzle when it’s all put together.

Etchy Floral Bed Quilt – Floral fabrics will give this quilt pattern a vintage vibe.

Plus, here are nine more free jelly roll quilt patterns!

What’s your favorite type of precut?