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Your Lap/Throw Quilt Tutorial: Sew a Quilt Based on Your Mood

look-down-belowLet’s have some fun. For those of you who are new and just starting to quilt, welcome. For our experienced hands in the house, you’ve come to the right place. Sewing a quilt together can be frustrating, heart-wrenching, and overall a long process; but everyone that’s gone on the quilting journey knows how absolutely rewarding it is to finish that final stitch. Stepping back from all of your blocks and seeing your finished quilt is like looking at a few paint strokes and then realizing you’ve been eyeing Monet’s “Water Lillies”. In short, you’re an artist, and your quilt is your masterpiece.

As an artist, you need a space to display your pieces. If you’re like most of the world, you might not have a gallery to display all of your quilts in (if you do have such a gallery well done!). Instead, the place of prominence often becomes the couch. This brings us to lap quilts and throws. These are our favorite kind of quilting project in terms of length. Long enough to hold your interest but not too massive to regret starting the quilt (eh-hem, grandparent’s king-size bed quilt of ’98), these quilting projects deliver the right amount of engagement, fabric, and the perfect product for a happy crafter.

With so many lap quilt and throw tutorials out there, one might ask, “How do I choose one?” Our experts at FaveQuilts put together this amazing chart to guide you in deciding what type of quilt project you should embark on. This is science.

Find the Perfect Lap/Throw Quilt Tutorial By Assessing Your Mood



Inviting: Granny Square Quilt Block Tutorial from Blue Elephant Stitches
A Little Fierce: Royal Star Quilt
Silly: Oh Pinwheels! Lap Quilt from Moda Bake Shop
Relaxed: White Space Nine Patch Quilt
Affectionate: Brotherly Love Half Square Triangle Quilt
Slightly Selfish: Fresh Diamonds Quilt

Based on this chart, which quilt are you in the mood to make?