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18 DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

First it’s back to school, then the weather cools down, then it’s officially fall and  suddenly – gasp! – it’s Halloween! Time goes by in a flash this time of year and the  holidays always manage to sneak up on me. One minute I’m digging my scarves out of the closet and the next there are orange-colored displays at all the stores and everything is pumpkin flavored. (Not that I’m complaining!) If you, too, have been caught unawares, don’t worry – you’re not alone, and I have a DIY solution!

Last-Minute DIY Halloween Costumes

18 DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

To help you out, I’ve rounded up 18 of my favorite last-minute Halloween costumes so that none of us are left in the dark when things start getting spooky. Because there’s nothing scarier than being the only one without a costume when the trick-or-treaters come to call, right? There are unique Halloween costumes in this list for every kind of personality – whether you’re looking for funny Halloween costume ideas, pop culture references, or timeless costumes based on classic stories. I’ve included Halloween costumes for adults and kids alike.  A few of them even pair well together if you’re looking for couple Halloween costumes for you and your hubby! Best of all, each of these easy Halloween costumes can be made quickly and are totally budget-friendly.

Funny Halloween Costume Ideas

Mr Potato Head CostumeYou’re sure to get a giggle with these cute costume ideas! Perfect for you or your little ones, these are some DIY costumes that will have the whole neighborhood talking.

Animal Cracker Cookie Costume

Morton Salt Girl Costume

A Christmas Story Homemade Costume

Peppy Party Hat Costume

Mr. Potato Head Costume

So 70s Toddler Jumpsuit



Character Costume Ideas

DIY Vintage Princess Lolly Halloween Costume You don’t need to break the bank to dress up like a familiar face. Store-bought costumes can cost a fortune, but it’s easy to re-create these lovable characters’ looks at home for much less!

Easy Jedi Dress Pattern

R2D2 Pillow Case Costume

Princess Lolly Candy Land Costume

DIY Despicable Me Costume

Upcycled Elsa Dress

Superhero Skirt and Cape





Fairy Tale Costume Ideas

Simple Cinderella CostumeHappily ever after never goes out of style! These classic costumes bring your child’s favorite fairy tales to life. Have fun acting out their favorite stories together as you collect candy around the block!

Easy Red Riding Hood Costume

Gorgeous Glittering Mermaid Costume

Magical Fairy Light Princess Dress

Beautiful Butterfly Costume

Simple Cinderella Costume

Peter Pan Costume


What’s the cutest Halloween costume idea you’ve seen?

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