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Winter Woman: 10 Long and Circle Skirt Pattern Ideas

Long Skirt PatternsIt is officially almost winter and time to put away your short skirts (unless you want to rock some fleece or sweater leggings). With the cold comes the need for free skirt patterns that come with much more cozy coverage. All of the free skirt patterns in this cold-weather-ready post are great to wear when the snowflakes start to fall, so winterize your wardrobe and shiver in style! Just because the snow starts to fall does not mean it is time to give up on that easy skirt pattern you have your eye on. There’s no better time than now to start sewing.

I love working on projects during the winter. Being productive at my sewing machine and looking out while the snow flies is very zen. You know you can just stay inside, sew along, and stay out of the frigid temperatures while you create.

Winter Woman: 10 Long and Circle Skirt Pattern Ideas

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Free Skirt PatternsDo you wear skirts in the colder months?

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