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12 Ways to Make Sewing Ten Times Easier For Yourself Using Just ONE Product

Do you know those non-slip self liner rolls they sell at dollar stores? Have you ever thought about how they might make your life as a sewist easier? Prepare to have your mind BLOWN! My name is Ann Strecko Koeman from Ann Makes, and I am going to share twelve ways in which I’ve learned to use this one product to my advantage while working on a project! There are even a few extra ideas in there that will help you organize your everyday life.


1. Try laying a piece of non-slip shelf liner on the floor where the foot pedal of your sewing machine sits to keep that pedal from sliding away from you. I work on a laminate wood floor in my room, and that pedal tended to wander away from my foot during a sewing marathon. Personally, that annoyed me, but not anymore!

 2. Use them as they were intended, and line the shelves and drawers in your craft room to keep your roly-poly supplies in order.


 3. Sew some of this shelf liner onto the soles of your handmade slippers to keep your loved ones from slipping and wiping out on your hard surface floors in your home.


 4. Cut them into fancy or simple shapes by hand or have fun with one of those die cutting machines and use them as appliqués on your sewing projects and the children’s clothes.

5. Open pesky tubes of fabric adhesive and stubborn jars of buttons with a piece of this self gripping tool.


6. Cut a small piece of this liner into a circle (or square) and create a great way to grab that stubborn sewing needle that just won’t come out the other side of thick or sticky fabric and restore your faith in the sewing gods.

7. Get a hold on those slippery fabrics when you are sewing with your machine. Cut some pieces to keep under your hands as you guide the fabric along the sewing machine bed. Or lay a piece on the work space around the sewing machine to catch and keep your fabric from falling off and onto the floor.


8. Lay a piece down on your work surface and keep your tools from rolling away from you as you work.


9. If you store your fabric on hangers, use these grippy liners to keep it in place. Just cut a piece wide enough to fit over the hanger bar and place your fabric over it.


10. Use the gripping liner as texture fabric in making toys for babies and children with special sensory needs.


11. I have already mentioned using the shelf liner as its name says, but have you ever noticed the little holes or gaps? If you lay a piece of this stuff on a shelf letting it overhang slightly on the front it makes a great place to hang earrings and anything that has a wire or is lightweight.


12. Create some no-sew projects, like the coaster in the photo below!



Which of these ideas excited you the most? Let us know, and then check out my blog!