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How to Make a Shibori-Inspired Tie-Dye Scarf

Summer is coming, and I’m loving the idea of transitioning from winter scarves to lightweight, summery cotton scarves. It’s easy to either make your own or transform a thrift shop purchase to sew your own accessories.

These scarves are inspired by the Japanese shibori style. Shibori stems from Japan. It’s a technique which involves folding, twisting, or bunching cloth and binding fabric, then dyeing with indigo. For the sake of convenience, I have used a standard hand-wash dye from Dylon, commonly available in the UK. This makes it an easily accessible technique.

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How to Make a Shibori-Inspired Tie-Dye Scarf

This scarf is made from a very lightweight cotton. It is 1 1/2 yards long by 16 inches wide.

To make:-

Hem the edges, double fold over the fabric and stitch.

Add a pom-pom frill to the short edges of the scarf.

Use a large running stitch running the width of the scarf to gather up the fabric.

Once you have gathered the scarf, tie with rubber bands. This creates a resist, preventing the dye from penetrating the fabric.

Mix your dye, following the packet instructions. Dye the scarf.

The best part: unwrapping the rubber bands and removing the running stitch!

You may be lucky and pick up a thrift shop scarf you can dye, saving the job of hemming plus keeping the cost minimal.

For further shibori style inspiration, visit my blog for these shibori denim pencil cases – light-colored denim dyes beautifully.


Where would you wear this gorgeous scarf?

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