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The Top 10 Mini Quilts You Need to Make for Christmas… Starting Now

Sewing Sayings We LoveQuilters, we don’t mean to alarm you, but Christmas is less than 6 months away. For the typical crafter this doesn’t merit a mad dash to make DIY gifts so as to prevent getting behind. But we’re not typical crafters, are we?

One gift from a quilter tends to take a long time to put together. Measuring, cutting, and piecing the designs can often take weeks, months, and sometimes years. YEARS, PEOPLE.

But calm down. At FaveQuilts there are solutions to negotiating all of your holiday projects in a timely manner. We’ve pulled together the top 10 mini quilts that you can start sewing this very minute. Start these easy mini quilts now and by the time December 24th rolls around you won’t be crying in agony at your sewing machine over the amount of scrapped pouches you need to make (not that that’s ever happened to anyone here…).

Now we know what you’re thinking, “Alright, FaveQuilts, but what can one do with a mini quilt? Sure, it’s a nice sampler of my mad skills as an artist, but it doesn’t fully cover a regular human body…

Your point is valid, dear reader. While a mini quilt won’t cover your 6’5″, 300 lb step-grandma, Tim, it does work for dolls. You know your niece who spends the entire family party running up and down the stairs screaming every thought that comes into her pig-tailed head? She has a doll; it’s the one that usually takes your chair during the actual meal. Well that doll needs a quilt, and come Christmas morning you’ll have sewn a mini quilt from one of these free tutorials that will cause her to (again), run up and down the stairs emitting shrieks of unrivaled delight.

Mini Quilts and Doll Quilts

The Top 10 Mini Quilt Tutorials

Have you started quilting for Christmas?