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5 Must-Read Tips for Quilting Beginners

If there’s one thing our readers can’t get enough of, it’s quilting hacks, tips, and tricks for beginners. You loved our list of 15 Quilting Hacks You Can’t Live Without from last year, so this October we’re bringing it back to basics with these quick and easy quilting tips for beginners. While quilting is one of the most loved fabric arts around, it can be incredibly intimidating to jump into your first quilt. That’s why FaveQuilts has got you covered. We’ve broken down all of the basics that beginner quilters should know, from the parts of a quilt sandwich to basic tools every quilter needs. These must-read quilting tips are separated into 5 easy-to-follow categories, so that all of your beginner basics are located on one convenient page. Say goodbye to quilting fears and hello to your first quilt project with this list of must-read tips for quilting beginners!

5 Must-Read Tips for Quilting Beginners

5 Must-Read Tips for Quilting Beginners

Basic Tools for Beginners

If you have no clue where to start with your first quilt, then you’ll love our list of must-have quilting equipment. These quilting necessities are key for accurate measurements and perfectly formed quilt blocks.

The Quilt Sandwich – Parts of a Quilt

What are the ingredients in a quilt sandwich? From the top of your quilt to the backing, this quick list of the essential parts of a quilt is a must-read for beginners!

Popular Fabric Choices for Quilting

While the possibilities for fabric choices are endless, we’ve narrowed down the most common fabrics popular with quilters. That way, you can head into your fabric store and confidently choose the perfect fabric for your first quilt!

Popular Quilting Acronyms

If you’ve never understood what a BOM or HST is, then you’ve come to the right place. Let FaveQuilts break down some of the most popular quilting terminology for you!

Tips and Tricks for Quilting Beginners

Still stumped on where to start? Here’s some helpful quilting advice for quilting beginners, from advice for buying fabric to where to find fellow quilters.

Do you have your own tips for beginners? We’d love to hear from you! Just be sure to leave a comment below! 

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