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National Sewing Month 2016 Day 18: Halloween Black Cat Wall Hanging

This is part of a week-long series for National Sewing Month. Don’t forget to enter the Grand Prize Giveaway!


It’s super fun to decorate for Halloween. You have so many options, from cute-spooky to super-scary. This adorable hand-sewn black cat wall hanging project by Katie King of Running With A Glue Gun definitely falls into the cute category!

National Sewing Month Halloween Garland Wall Hanging


National Sewing Month Halloween Garland Wall Hanging Pattern


Before Getting Started:

This is a project that is designed to be sewed by hand. Even though we’re not sewing that much, the sewing that is done would be difficult to complete on the sewing machine. I promise you that the sewing is super easy and is something you can do while watching TV!


Step 1: Grab your black felt, orange felt and pattern. Then trace around each pattern piece onto your felt and cut them out. When you’re done, you should have a black cat, an orange hat, an orange bow, an orange strip (middle of the bow) and three black strips (stripes on hat).

Step 2: Grab your three black strips and sew them onto your orange hat. Then sew a whip stitch (using black thread) around the entire hat.

Step 3: Now grab your black cat and sew your orange striped hat, onto the cat’s head.

Step 4: Grab your orange strip and wrap it around the middle of your bow. Then sew an x in the middle by using your orange thread. Now grab your black cat and sew the bow onto the bottom of the cat’s chin.

Step 5: Using white embroidery thread, sew on a little nose and whiskers onto you black cat’s face.

Step 6: Use your pom-pom maker make a pom-pom for your cat’s hat. However, make sure you leave about a 12 inch tail of yarn, so we can connect it to our dowel rod later.

Step 7: Sew your pom-pom onto the top of your black cat’s hat.

Repeat steps 1-7 to make two more cats for your dowel rod.

Step 8: Paint your dowel rod and dowel rod caps. Once your dowel rod and dowel rod caps are dry, glue the dowel rod caps to the ends of your dowel rod.

Step 9: Tie all your cats onto your dowel rod by using the string that we left, which was connected to the pom-pom. Then cut a piece of yarn that is about 12 inches and tie each end to your dowel rod.

When you’ve finished tying the yarn, you’re ready to hang your new Halloween Black Cat Wall Hanging!



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