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National Sewing Month 2020 Celebration

September 2020 means National Sewing Month! AllFreeSewing continued with our annual celebration that included all sorts of new projects, tutorials, guides, videos, and giveaways.

This celebration is our favorite of the year because we always try to offer sewing projects and references for all skill levels. We even have a few exciting no-sew projects for those who aren’t quite ready to start sewing but want to work with fabric.

To see everything shared, visit our National Sewing Month 2020 hub page.


Please note that this giveaway is now closed.

We had the most amazing grand prize giveaway ever: a Mega Handi Quilter HQ Stitch 710 Machine Giveaway, valued at $3,495.00! Read the review here.

The deadline to enter is September 30th, 2020 at 11:59:59 p.m. Eastern Time. Open to U.S. and Canada only, 18 years or older.

Brand New National Sewing Month Pages

It’s difficult to narrow down which of the 29 new pages we were most excited about this year, but we’ll try. Here are a few of our favorites in detail. Then scroll for the whole list!

Printable Sewing Cards for Kids – These fun printables include five shapes that can be used for stitching all types of designs. It’s perfect for kids learning to sew but is just as fun for adults who want to relax.

Printable Sewing Cards for Kids

How Much Fabric Do I Need?Ever wonder how much fabric you need for clothing or home decor? This fabulous guide has printable charts and lots of tips for determining the amounts of fabric needed for sewing.

Types of Sewing Machine FeetThis amazing guide has pictures of nearly every sewing foot attachment available for sewing machines.

Types of Sewing Machine Feet

Correct Posture for Sewing: Tips for Sewing Wellness Learn how to maximize the time you spend sewing with these tips on posture.

No Sew Tie Pillow Using a Shirt Have an over-sized band shirt or way too large shirt from your last charity walk? This DIY tie pillow is a great way to use and display it.

No Sew Tie Pillow Using a Shirt

Simply No Sew Newsletter

We’re also launching a brand new newsletter in addition to our popular Sewing it Up newsletter (not subscribed? Sign up here). This one focuses on everything no-sew. Launched on 9/18! Sign up now to be the first on the list.

National Sewing Month 2020 Full Schedule:

  1. Sewing Tools and Equipment Must-Haves
  2. What is a Sewing Machine? Different Types and Uses
  3. Are Sewing Machines Easy to Use?
  4. 13 Pattern Weights for Sewing
  5. How to Use a Needle Threader
  6. Printable Sewing Cards for Kids
  7. How Much Fabric Do I Need?
  8. 25+ Things To Do With Old Socks
  9. Easy DIY Reusable Grocery Bags (Video Tutorial)
  10. Types of Sewing Machine Feet
  11. How to Pin Fabric for Sewing
  12. Rotary Cutter Blade Guide
  13. Sewing for Charity: What to Know in 2020
  14. Sewing Machine Paper Practice Sheets (Printable!)
  15. Alternatives to Sewing: 15 Tools for the No-Sew Crafter
  16. Fabric Christmas Gift Tag Ornaments (No-Sew Tutorial)
  17. Correct Posture for Sewing: Tips for Sewing Wellness
  18. No Sew Tie Pillow Using a Shirt
  19. Christmas Gnome Ornament (or Pincushion)
  20. How to Teach Children to Sew
  21. Halloween Bandana Pumpkins
  22. Preparing a Quilt for Longarm Quilting (Video Tutorial)
  23. 31 Pajama Sewing Patterns
  24. Flower Applique Large Tote Bag Tutorial
  25. Faux Fur Tabletop Christmas Tree 
  26. How to Print PDF Sewing Patterns
  27. Star Wars Inspired Chair Cushion DIY

PLUS: Best of National Sewing Month 2020!

What were you most excited about during National Sewing Month?

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